City (District) Content 2005

City (District) Contest for English Learners-2005
Lexical and Grammar Test
Form 11

I. Choose the correct tense.

When I (1 go) to Paris last spring for a job interview, I (2 not be) there for five years. I (3 arrive) the evening before the interview, and (4 spend) a happy hour walking round thinking about the good times I (5 have) there as a student.
As I was strolling by the Seine, I suddenly (6 see) a familiar face — it was Nedjma, the woman I (7 share) a flat with when I was a student, and whose address I (8 lose) after living Paris. I could tell she (9 not see) me, so I (10 call) her name and she (11 look) up. As she (12 turn) towards me, I (13 realise) that she (14 have) an ugly scar on the side of her face. She (15 see) the shock in my eyes, and her hand (16 go) up to touch the scar; she (17 explain) that she (18 get) it when she was a journalist reporting on a war in Africa.
She (19 not be) uncomfortable telling me this; we (20 feel) as if the years (21 not pass), as if we (22 say) goodbye the week before. She (23 arrive) in Paris that morning, and she (24 have) a hospital appointment the next day. The doctors (25 think) that they could remove the scar, but she would have to stay in Paris for several months. Both of us (26 have) the idea at the same time: if I (27 get) the job, we could share a flat again. And we could start by having a coffee while we (28 begin) to tell one another everything that (29 happen) to us in the past five years.

II. Insert articles where necessary.

  1. ___dog is _____  only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.
  2. ___ optimist is someone who thinks__________ future is uncertain.
  3. I love acting. It is so much more real than___________ life.
  4. Remember that as________ teenager you are at________ last stage in your life when you will be happy to hear that_________ phone is for you.
  5. When I was born, I was so surprised that I couldn’t talk for _____year and___ half.
  6. «One night you’ll get me out of__________ bed and it really will be_________ burglar.»
  7. «Good morning, Mr. Dolby! It’s 5.15 a.m., and this is radio station WJRM.
  8. If you name______ next tune you will win________ ride on______ elephant and two tickets to rock concert!»

III. Choose the right word.

  1. Do you think that’s a (real/really) diamond in her ring?
  2. He was wearing a (true/truly) astonishing tie.
  3. I read an (amazing/amazingly) thing in the newspaper this morning.
  4. Keith seemed (gentle/gently), but there was something cruel underneath.
  5. One leg of the chair was (slight/slightly) damaged.
  6. Sarah drives a (real/really) beautifully restored 1914 sports car.
  7. The food was (wonderful/wonderfully), but the service was (awful/awfully).
  8. The job was (surprising/surprisingly) easy.

IV. Fill in the gaps with a suitable colour.

1. Mary is keen on gardening and everyone says she’s got a ________ thumb.
2. — Oh, what has happened? You’ve got a ______ eye!
— Don’t worry, Mum! It’s the result of playing volleyball. The ball suddenly hit me hard in the face.
3. The Kyoto conference was devoted to the problem of the ______house effect.
4. Kamala picked beautiful___________ bells and daisies in the field.
5. If you want to emigrate and work in America, you need to get a _____card.
6. Our granny baked a lovely___________ berry pie.
7. The cupboard in our kitchen is made of____________ wood.
8. The thieves were unable to escape and were caught_____________ handed.

V. Fill in the gaps with prepositions.

1. He was very kind_______ her.
2. The soup lacks______ salt.
3. I’m looking________ a place to live.
4. He has to look________ his mother.
5. My sister is married_________ a builder.
6. She married_________ him last year.
7. Have you paid ________ the drinks?
8. We need prove________ his story.
9. What’s the reason_________ the change?
10. The answer’s________ page 29.

VI. Form a new word using the given one.

1. He has been able to clear himself of the ________ of dishonesty. ACCUSE
2. Few people realize completely their early__________________ . AMBITIOUS
3. He may have made an ______________ but it is far from being a sincere one. APOLOGIZE
4. He has eight children, each of whom, he claims, is more__________ than the other seven. TROUBLE
5. A lot of money is not always a _______________ to the person who has it. BLESS
6. Anyone working abroad has to pay a lot for the_____ of his goods to and from home. CARRY
7. He is proud and modest at the same time: an unusual ______of qualities.COMBINE
8. He blamed his_______________ to pass the test on his nervousness. FAIL
9. Hearing a noise in my kitchen, I seized a heavy hammer and crept  downstairs. CAUTION
10. Most teachers are Government ____ .EMPLOY

VII. Choose the right variant of translation.

1. If you had half a million dollars you could easily live off the interest.

A. Если бы у вас было полмиллиона долларов, вы бы могли легко жить в зависимости от ваших интересов.
B. Будь у вас полмиллиона долларов, вы бы могли спокойно жить за счет процентов.
C. Будь у вас полмиллиона долларов, вы бы прожили жизнь с интересом.
D. Если у вас будет полмиллиона долларов, вы будете жить легко и интересно.

2. This position offers a good starting salary and excellent promotion prospects.

A. На этой должности предполагается хорошая заработная плата и благополучное положение в обществе.
B. Данная позиция основана на предложении ввести достаточную заработную плату и превосходный график работы.
C. Эта должность с хорошей стартовой заработной платой и превосходной перспективой продвижения.
D. Эта позиция предусматривает хорошую заработную плату в начале и великолепную перспективу развития карьерного роста.

Listening Comprehension
Form 11

It was 5.30 on a cold winter evening. Mr. Spark had already gone home. Suddenly the telephone rang. It was Mrs. Dale, one of Mr. Spark’s best customers. She was in a great trouble. This didn’t surprise Dick, because Mrs. Dale was very often in trouble. This time she had dropped a bread knife into electric fire and fused all the lights.
«I can’t mend fuses and my husband hasn’t come home yet,» she said.
«All right,» Dick said. «I’ll come round at once.» He picked up his tool bag, got into the van and drove straight to the house.
Mrs. Dale was waiting for him at the front door. The house was completely dark and as cold as ice. Dick took a torch from his tool bag.
«Tne fuse box is in the garage, isn’t it, madam?» he asked.
«I think it is,» Mrs. Dale answered. «My husband always goes there when I fuse the lights. But please be quick. We’re having a party tonight. I’ve just washed my hair, and it’s still wet.»
Dick went into the garage and soon found the fuse box. But then he had to ask for Mrs. Dale’s help. «Will you please hold the torch, madam?» he asked.
«Oh, dear! Do you really need my help?» she said.
But she held the torch while Dick opened the fuse box. He had just taken his screwdriver and a piece of fuse wire from his bag, when suddenly there was a long cry. At the same time there was a crash, and the torch went out. Dick knocked his head on the fuse box and dropped his screwdriver.
«What has happened?» he asked anxiously. «Are you all right?»
«A mouse!» cried Mrs. Dale. «I saw a mouse!»
«A mouse won’t hurt you, madam,» Dick said. «Is the torch broken?» But Mrs. Dale did not hear him. She was crying «Help! Help!»
At that moment Mr. Dale arrived home. He heard his wife cries. He opened the garage doors and rushed forward.
«No,» cried Dick.
But it was too late. Dale knocked Dick down. Of course Mrs. Dale explained everything to her husband. Mr. Dale said that he was very sorry, and Dick was able to mend the fuse without any more trouble. The lights were soon on again. Mrs. Dale went upstairs and Mr. Dale invited Dick into the kitchen.
«I’ll make you a cup of tea.» Mr. Dale said. «It’s a very old house, you know. The wiring is very bad. I’m afraid that if an inspector…»
At that moment all the lights went out again. There was a loud cry from the bathroom. Mrs. Dale dropped her hairdryer into the bath!

Listening Comprehension Test — 2005
Form 11

I. Mark as true or false.
1. Mrs. Dale had dropped a bread knife into an electric fire.
2. Dick said he would come round at once.
3. Dick asked Mrs. Dale to hold his tools.
4. At the same time there was a crash and the torch went out.
5. Mrs. Dale didn’t explain anything to her husband.
6. It was a very old house and the wiring was very bad.

II. Put the sentences in the logical order.
1. But it was too late. Dale knocked Dick down.
2. «My husband always goes there when I fuse the lights.»
3. It was 5.30 on a cold winter evening. Mr. Spark had already gone home.
4. «A mouse won’t hurt you, madam,» Dick said.
5. «I’m afraid that if an inspector…»
6. He had just taken his screwdriver and a piece of fuse wire from his bag, when suddenly there was a long cry.

III. Finish the sentences.
1. Mrs. Dale said she couldn’t mend fuses and her husband…
2. Dick picked up… and drove straight to the house.
3. Mrs. Dale was waiting for her visitor…
4. When Mrs. Dale cried and dropped the torch, Dick…
5. Mr. Dale heard his wife’s cries, opened the garage doors…
6. Mrs. Dale went upstairs, and Mr. Dale invited Dick…

IV. Answer the questions.
1. Whom did Mrs. Dale telephone one evening?
2. Why did she call him?
3. Why was Mrs. Dale’s house completely dark and cold?
4. Where was the fuse box?
5. Why did Mrs. Dale want Dick to be quick?
6. Why did Mrs. Dale cry?
7.Why did the lights got out again?

Keys to Listening Comprehension-2005
Form 11

1. True
2. True
3. False
4. True
5. False
6. True
II. 3 2 6 4 1 5
1. hadn’t come home yet.
2. his tool bag.
3. at the front door
4. knocked his head on the fuse box and dropped his screwdriver
5. rushed forward
6. into the kitchen
1. She called Mr. Spark.
2. She was in great trouble.
3. She had fused all the lights.
4. It was in the garage.
5. She had just washed her hair and it was still wet.
6. She had seen a mouse.
7. Mrs. Dale had dropped her hairdryer into the bath.

Keys to Lexical and Grammar Test — 2005

Form 11


1. went 16. went
2. had not been 17. explained
3. arrived 18. had got
4. spent 19. was not
5. had had 20. felt
6. saw 21. had not passed
7. had shared 22. had said
8. had lost 23. had arrived
9. had not seen 24. had
10. called 25. thought
11.looked 26. had
12.turned 27. got
13. realised 28. began
14. had 29. had happened
15. saw


II                                                                                                  III

1. a, the 1. real
2. an, the 2. truly
3. 3. amazing
4. a, the, the 4. gentle
5. a, a 5. slightly
6. a 6. really
7. the, a, an, a 7. wonderful, awful
8. surprisingly
1. green 1. to
2. black 2.
3. green 3. for
4. blue 4. after
5. green 5. to
6. blue/black 6.
7. red 7. for
8. red 8. of
9. for
10.           on

VI                                                                           VII

1. accusation 1. b
2. ambitions 2. с
3. apology
4. troublesome
5. blessing
6. carriage
7. combination
8. failure
9. cautiously
10. employees


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