Олимпиада 2005, 3 этап

11 th form
Total — 80 points


I. Put each verb in brackets into an appropriate form

Employees protesting at the planned closure of the Magnet electronics factory have begun a protest outside the factory in Brook Road. It (I)…. (reveal) last week that production at the factory, where over 3000 local people (2) ….(employ), (3) …… (transfer) to the Magnet plant in Lutonnext month. ‘Why (4) …  (we not inform) about this earlier? We (5) …. (only tell) about this two days ago,’ said Mаrjory Calder, representing the workforce. ‘It’s about time companies such as this (6) … (start) thinking about how local communities(7)…….(affect) by their policies. Most people here are buying houses.
How (8) …. (their mortgage payments keep up)? And how are we going to find jobs? I wish I (9) …(know). ‘ Reg Reynolds of Magnet (10) …. (ask) what (11) …. (do) to help those who (12) …..(make) redundant. ‘The majority of our employees(13) …. (offer) work at our plant in Luton» he told our reporter, ‘and every effort (14) …. (make) over the past month to offer early retirement to those who qualify.’ When he (15) …. (question) about why the workers (16) ….. (not tell) about the closure earlier, he revealed  that the company (17) …. (promise) a government loan to keep the factory open, but that at the last minute it (18) …. (decide) not to provide the loan after all.
‘So don’t blame the company, we’ve done our best.’ Local MP Brenda tone (19) …  (ask) to raise the matter in the House of Commons, and told us that a letter (20) …. (send) to the Minister responsible within the next few days.

II. For each of the sentences below, write a new sentence as similar as possible in meaning to the original sentence but using the word given in bold. This word must not be altered in any way.


1. Although I should have telephoned my boss today I just didn’t have time. (supposed)
2. Registration with the police was obligatory for us.(were)
3. It was in your power to have him arrested for behaving like that.(could)
4. It was remiss of you not to warn me that your plane was delayed. (might)
5. Her trying to help was pointless, as they rejected her suggestions. (bothered)
6. It was unnecessary for the robber to use the gun. as the cashier handed over the money. (there)
7. Before I managed to ask him his name, he had left. (was)
8. You don’t have to stay here if you don’t want to. (under)


1. They don’t get on well with their neighbours. (terms)
2.  Whatever happens, we must avoid adverse publicity. (costs)
3. I worry far less about trivial matters these days than I used to. (nearly)
4. This is the first time I’ve seen her in my life! (set)
5. Since my arrival, you have criticised me constantly. (nothing)
6. It’s unlikely he’ll be picked for the Olympic swimming team. (chances)
7. If you go there without a map, you might get lost. (run)
8. I know I can convince Dave that I’m right about this matter. (bring)
9. He is different from his brother in almost ail respects. (bears)
10. She won’t settle for anything less than the first prize. (heart)

III. Choose the word or phrase А, В, С or D which best completes each sentence

1. Henricks is alleged to have ….     a number of serious crimes.
A done В made С committed D discharged
2. Many people thought that the sentence he received was unnecessary…
A heavy В strong С big D weighty
3. The defendant pleaded not guilty, claiming he had been ….
A set up В set down С set off D set to
4. He was caught stealing money from the cash-box…
A red-handed В heavy-handed С light-fingered D heavy-set
5. You can’t have burgled die house alone, so who was your…     ?
A ally     В accomplice С assistant        D associate
6. She will shortly…..   trial for the part she played in the recent robbery.
A give    В perform С make   D stand
7. Detectives are said to be…..        into the causes of the recent fire.
A looking В investigating С checking       D searching
8. The villagers….  the law into their own hands by organising armed patrols of the area.
A took   В seized      С grabbed   D put
9. …..  he conflicting evidence, the court had no alternative but to acquit the leader of the gang.
A By means of В With a view to С In view of D In response to
10. The Prime Minister is currently…. charges of corruption and perjury.
A standing В confronting С facing  D undergoing
11. The father of Mozart ruthlessly exploited the fact that his son was a musical …
A protege В prodigy С progeny      D prophecy
12. When I told him the news he simply …        with laughter.
A shouted В yelled        С wailed     D bellowed
13. Thieves broke into the gallery and      paintings worth 50 000 $.
A ran out of В made off with С got off with D came in for
14. During the interview he …    as being rather arrogant and rude.
A gave off В got over С came across        D put out
15. It’s clear they are short-changing their customers. I don’t know how they’ve …… it for so long.
A run away with В made away with С done away with D got away with

IV. Choose the most suitable word for each space Leisure activities

According to a magazine article I read recently, we (1) … live in an age of increasing leisure. Not only are more and more people reaching (2) ….. age with their taste for enjoyment and even adventure relatively (3)….. but the working week is becoming shorter and the opportunities for (4) …. are becoming greater and greater all the time. Not to mention the fact that people (5) ….to spend less time travelling to work or may even be working from home. What I can’t understand, however, is who these people are». As far as I can (6) ….  the whole thing is another one of (7) …. journalistic fictions. I admit that there are a lot of retired people (8) …, but I am not sure that all of them are dashing about learning hang-gliding or sailing single-handed (9) …      the ‘ world.’ My own parents seem to (10) … most of their time gazing at the television. And as for the shorter working week, I wish someone (11) … remind my company about it. I seem to be working longer and longer hours (12) … the time. The little leisure time I have is eaten into by sitting in traffic jams or waiting for trains to (13)…….. up at rain-swept platforms. I haven’t noticed any dramatic improvements in my (14) …. untill I get my (15)…. time either, but perhaps I just have to wait.

1. A) presently B) at the moment C) now D) at this
2. A) retirement B) their C) later D) third
3. A) present B) survived C) free D) intact
4. A) this B) longer C) leisure D) people
5. A) use B) tend C) have D) demand
6. A) concern B) imagine C) expect D) tell
7. A) the B) those C) these D) some
8. A) in our days B) in these times C) nowadays D) now and again
9. A) round B) over C) through D) into
10. A) have B) use C) the D)spend
11. A) would B) to C) had D) might
12 A) at B) for C) take D) all
13. A) keep B) line C) show D) set
14. A) cost of  living B) lifestyle C) lifeline D) livelihood
15. A) pension B) retirement C) insurance D) salary

V. Complete each sentence with a word made from the word in capitals

1) Please ……    our letter of the 14th. We have not had a reply. KNOW
2) Keith’s exam results turned out to be …..              DISASTER
3) There will be no pay rises in the ….   future.        SEE
4) Jim is one of the most …./members of the committee. SPEAK
5) What are the entry …..     at this university?         REQUIRE
6) Jackie suffered as a child from a very strict …..              BRING
7) I think that your…..         about the cost are wrong. ASSUME
8) This statue ….        the soldiers who died in the war. MEMORY
9) The idea that the sun ‘rises’ is a popular … CONCEIVE
10) Ruth has gone back to college to get a teaching ….       QUALIFY
11) The minister gave …     answers to the interviewer’s questions. EVADE
12) How do you like my latest ….. for my stamp collection? ACQUIRE

11th form 2005 total — 80 points
Keys for Test in English Grammar and Vocabulary

1 .was revealed 2. are employed 3.is being transferred 4.were we not informed 5.were only told 6.started 7. affected 8. are they going to keep up their morgage payments 9. knew 10. was asked 11.was being done 12. has been madehave been made 13.have been offered 14. has been made 15. was questioned 16. had not been told 17. had been promised 18. had been decided 19. has been asked 20.would be sent
Grammar: 1. Although I was supposed to phone…; 2. We were obliged to register with….; 3. You could’ve had him arrested for…; 4. You might’ve warned me…; 5. She needn’t have bothered trying to help, as…; 6. There was no need for the robber to use a gun…; 7.I wasn’t able to ask him his name before he left.; 8. You are under no obligation to….
Vocabulary: 1 .They are not on good terms with their neighbours. 2. We must avoid adverse publicity at all costs (fixed phrase) 3.I don’t worry nearly as much about trivial matters these days as I used to. 4. I’ve never set eyes on her before. (fixed phrase, usually very surprised or defensive in tone) 5. Since my arrival, you have done nothing but criticise meyou’ve done nothing but criticise me since I arrived. 6. His chances of being picked for the Olympic swimming team are (rather/very a bit) slimpoor. 7. If you go there without a map you run the risk of getting lost (fixed phrase). 8.1 know I can bring David, round to my way of thinking on this matter (phrasal verb and fixed phrase). 9. He bears littlehardly any resemblance to his brother. 10. She has set her heart on (winning) the first prize.
III. 1С; 2A; ЗА (=framed by someone, who tried to make it appear he was guilty); 4A (colloc); 5B (this is the only one of the 4 options with negative connotation); 6D (colloc.); 7A (investigating has no dep.prep.); 8A (fixed phrase); 9C (=taking this into account); l0C(colloc.); 1 IB; 12D; 13B (=ran away with); 14C (= gave the impression of being); 15 D (done s.t. wrong without being caught)
IV. 1) C 2) A 3) D 4) C 5) B 6) D 7) B 8) C 9) A 10) D 11) A 12) D 13) C 14) B 15) A
V. 1 Acknowledge 2) disastrous 3) foreseeable 4) outspoken 5) Requirements 6) upbringing 7) assumptions 8) commemorates 9) misconception 10) qualification 11) evasive 12) acquisition