Dest B1 Unit 18 WF

Unit 18

boil chemist conclude examine fascinate history identical long measure science

1. There was a gas *** mounted on the far wall. [BOIL]
2. ‘Sarah has demonstrated considerable *** in both maths and chemistry.’ [ABLE]
3. The charity provides opportunities and facilities for *** people to take part in sport. [ABLE]
4. Lucy was *** to find out what had happened. [ABLE]
5. Indeed, may I express once again our great *** for the skill and courage of those involved in our emergency services? [ADMIRE]
6. Som Michael is a very *** worker. [CARE]
7. I tackled him about his *** work and frequent absences. [CARE]
8. The dentists are convinced that the *** of fluoride in water is ineffective. [ADD]
9. The *** point of water is 373 K… [BOIL]
10. If something is ***, most people have enough money to buy it. [AFFORD]
11. But developing a large *** industry needs capital, and to run it needs energy. [CHEMIST]
12. Let’s put them side by side for ***. [COMPARE]
13. Jack said he had no wish to study physics and ***. [[CHEMIST]
14. We all argued about it for hours and eventually arrived at a ***. [DECIDE]
15. She’s certainly gained (in) *** over the last couple of years. [CONFIDENT]
16. There can be no progress without ***. [FORGIVE]
17. The money was acquired through *** means. [HONEST]
18. She spoke with brutal *** – I was too old for the job. [HONEST]
19. He began with a brief ***. [INTRODUCE]
20. I’m not calling you a *** – I’m just suggesting that you misunderstood the facts of the situation. [LIE]
21. She has a very warm ***. [PERSON]
22. She has her own *** secretary/bodyguard/fitness instructor. [PERSON]
23. There weren’t many people at the funeral – just close family ***. [RELATE]
24. I soon came to the *** that she was lying. [CONCLUDE]
25. The furniture is *** but well-made. [EXPENCE]
26. I don’t think he’s ***, but I question his judgement. [HONEST]
27. I don’t want to take any more ***… [EXAMINE]
28. Britain still boasts the cheapest postal ***… [SERVE]
29. The *** was frightened and ran away. [SERVE]
30. He established a *** between asthma and certain types of work. [RELATE]
31. Lack of trust is very destructive in a ***. [RELATE]
32. The zoo is by far the most popular ***. [ATTRACT]
33. The creamy white flowers are *** in the spring. [ATTRACT]
34. The final plank of the strategy is designed to improve the *** of nursing as a career in competition with others. [ATTRACT]
35. To go ***, you must put the car into reverse gear. [BACK]
36. Now you know all the facts, you can make an informed ***. [CHOOSE]
37. Wear loose *** clothing. [COMFORT]
38. I feel *** lying. [COMFORT]
39. Please hand in your keys at reception on your *** from the hotel. [DEPART]
40. I was waving my hand madly but he never once looked in my ***. [DIRECT]
41. Students are not allowed to talk during the ***. [EXAMINE]
42. I must tell you the *** about this business… [TRUE]
43. It was *** to say that all political prisoners have been released… [TRUE]
44. He has clearly not been *** about the nature of their relationship. [TRUE]
45. The paper is corrected and assessed by the teacher and by one external ***. [EXAMINE]
46. I’ve had a lifelong *** with the sea and with small boats. [FASCINATE]
47. See page 35 for a list of *** addresses. [USE]
48. Madagascar is the most *** place I have ever been to… [FASCINATE]
49. He realised that their money was *** in this country… [USE]
50. Besides her studio apartment, she also owns a *** estate in Italy. [VALUE]
51. Wintry conditions are making roads hazardous for *** in the northeast of England. [DRIVE]
52. How was your ***? [FLY]
53. He passed the time chatting with fellow ***. [TRAVEL]
54. The National Parks are attracting more *** than ever. [VISIT]
55. This is a wonderful hotel created from two *** buildings. [HISTORY]
56. At present, the Guidelines need to be reviewed by ***. [HISTORY]
57. They were dressed ***. [IDENTICAL]
58. It is about a metre in ***. [LONG]
59. The test provides an objective *** of the student’s listening skills. [MEASURE]
60. *** have collected more data than expected. [SCIENCE]

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