Clauses of Time

Задание А17 в централизованном тестировании касается конкретно употребления союзов. Не стоило бы тратить время на один только пункт, если бы не тот факт, что установление смысловых связей между частями сложного предложения, а также употребление времён глагола в связном тексте также подразумевает знание союзов. Повторим некоторые из них.

Types of Clauses:

?time clauses: when, as, no sooner… than, while, before, the moment that, since, after, hardly… when, till/untill, by the time, whenever, as long as, as soon as, etc.
?clauses of reason: as/since, because, the reason for/why, because of/due to, etc.
?clauses of result: so, so/such… that, as a result, therefore, consequently/as a consequence, etc.
?clauses of contrast: but, although/even though, in spite of/despite, however, yet, while/whereas, nevertheless, etc.
?clauses of manner: as if/as though, like
?clauses of purpose: to, in order to/so as to/ so that/in order that, in case, etc.

I. Remember the following conjunctions used in time clauses:

as когда; в то время как, по мере того как
no sooner… than  used for saying that something happens immediately after something else
while пока; в то время как; когда
the moment that = as soon as…
since с, со, после ( какого-л. момента )
after потом, затем
hardly… when едва
till/until yказывает на момент, вплоть до которого совершается действие, до
by the time  к тому времени. тем временем
whenever когда бы ни /всякий раз когда
as long as пока; до тех пор пока

II. Read the sentences attentively and make them complete by filling in the necessary conjunctions. Drag your mouse to check the answers.

  1. I thought I heard him come in while we were having dinner.
  2. He was quite shocked when I told him.
  3. I’ll keep you company till the train comes.
  4. Once he starts a decorating job he won’t stop until it’s finished.
  5. I went there when I was a child.
  6. No sooner had I started mowing the lawn than it started raining.
  7. While I was in Italy I went to see Alessandro.
  8. «I’m going to the post office.» «While you’re there can you get me some stamps?»
  9. Before we make a decision, does anyone want to say anything else?
  10. I want to see him the moment he arrives.
  11. You may stay here as long as you live.
  12. No sooner had they reached Edinburgh than they were ordered to return to London.
  13. I’ll call you as soon as I get home from work.
  14. No sooner had it begun than the rain seemed to end.
  15. I’ve been very busy since I came back from holiday.
  16. You can ask for help whenever you need it.
  17. Three months after they moved out, the house was still empty.
  18. Soon/shortly after we joined the motorway, the car started to make a strange noise.
  19. I went to the post office straight/immediately after I left you.
  20. No sooner had he gone than one of the cameramen approached.
  21. Hardly had the men started training than they were sent into battle.
  22. I think I can come but I won’t commit myself till I know for sure.
  23. By the time we arrived, the other guests were already there.
  24. Whenever she comes, she brings a friend.
  25. We’ll go as long as the weather is good.
  26. I’m ready to go out as soon as it stops raining.
  27. The moment she walked through the door I thought she looked different.

Note: the examples were taken mainly from Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 3d Edition.

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