Use reference material  if necessary and do the exercise.

Unit 21

certain communicate connect deliver express inform predict secret speak translate

1. Today’s inflation figure is *** too high… [CERTAIN]
2. I have told them with absolute *** there’ll be no change of policy… [CERTAIN]
3. Radio was the pilot’s only means of ***. [COMMUNICATE]
4. 13 men have been questioned in *** with the murder. [CONNECT]
5. The family agreed to *** her life support system. [CONNECT]
6. His *** were magnificently written but his delivery was hopeless. [SPEAK]
7. Laughter is one of the most infectious *** of emotion… [EXPRESS]
8. He had a quiet but *** voice. [EXPRESS]
9. Something that is *** gives you useful information. [INFORM]
10. I need more ***. [INFORM]
11. Weather *** has never been a perfect science. [PREDICT]
12. The reasons are, of course, entirely ***. [PREDICT]
13. He wore a hidden microphone to *** tape-record conversations. [SECRET]
14. He was not a good ***. [SPEAK]
15. I’d make fun of her dress and imitate her ***. [SPEAK]
16. She had done a *** of the poem. [TRANSLATE]
17. Speaking through a ***, she described her life in Guatemala. . [TRANSLATE]
18. You might need to install a new ***. [BOIL]
19. Heat the cream to *** point and pour three quarters of it over the chocolate. [BOIL]
20. Carbon dioxide is released in the ensuing *** reaction. [CHEMIST]
21. Edison was his hero; *** and electricity were his passions. [CHEMIST]
22. It is still too early to reach a *** on this point. [CONCLUDE]
23. I had the tutor for a year right until I took my ***. [EXAMINE]
24. On closer *** the vases were found to be cracked in several places. [EXAMINE]
25. The *** told him to relax and then asked him to turn on the engine. [EXAMINE]
26. India will always hold a great *** for me. [FASCINATE]
27. Everything about ancient Egypt is absolutely ***. [FASCINATE]
28. It’s wonderful to see so many people here on this *** occasion. [HISTORY]
29. Today, bound in their massive heavy green covers, they provide fascinating reading for ***. [HISTORY]
30. The two words are pronounced ***. [IDENTICAL]
31. The hotel pool is 15 metres in ***. [LONG]
32. What’s your waist ***? [MEASURE]
33. She gave a lecture to 2 000 fellow *** in Kyoto. [SCIENCE]
34. The test involves simple calculations, such as *** and subtraction. [ADD]
35. Now we can get something that would be half ***. [AFFORD]
36. The tallest buildings in London are small in *** with New York’s skyscrapers.[COMPARE]
37. I didn’t want to influence his ***. [DECIDE]
38. Do you have any less *** cameras? [EXPENSE]
39. It is too soon to reach any *** judgement. [DEFINE]
40. The food was bad and the *** was dreadful. [SERVE]
41. His *** hastened to make all ready, build fires and heat water for the baths and prepare food. [SERVE]
42. In the town very few know the whole ***. [TRUE]
43. They said the claims were ***. [TRUE]
44. I think she is a *** and moral person. [TRUE]
45. The bank gave us a lot of *** advice about starting our own business. [USE]
46. Computers would be *** without software writers. [USE]
47. I think we’ve all learned a *** lesson today. [VALUE]

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