Dest B1 Unit 24 WF

Use reference material  if necessary and do the exercise.

Unit 24


agree believe courage elect equal life nation peace prison shoot/ing

1. The two countries signed an *** to jointly launch satellites. [AGREE]
2. I *** never expected to become a writer. [CERTAIN]
3. You must continue to see them no matter how much you may *** with them… [AGREE]
4. There is too little *** about the present state of the German economy. [CERTAIN]
5. There were no roads and no means of *** with the people in the mountains. [COMMUNICATE]
6. They’re offering free Internet ***. [CONNECT]
7. Our landlord threatened to *** our electricity. [CONNECT]
8. Which *** of Don Quixote are you reading? [TRANSLATE]
9. The publishers are looking for an American *** for his novels. [TRANSLATE]
10. Relations between the two countries have almost reached *** point. [BOIL]
11. Many *** agents are used for disinfection. [CHEMIST]
12. I failed my physics exam, but I passed ***. [CHEMIST]
13. It’s important not to jump to ***. [CONCLUDE]
14. Students who, in the opinion of the ***, do not reach the required standard must take the exam again. [EXAMINE]
15. Well, we’d changed our solid-fuel central heating *** for an oil-fuelled one … Bingo! [BOIL]
16. Kate’s *** results were excellent. [EXAMINE]
17. After a brief *** by a local doctor, I was taken to the city’s main hospital. [EXAMINE]
18. I don’t believe in ghosts… [BELIEF]
19. Most Indian restaurants offer free ***. [DELIVER]
20. I decided to go to the meeting as an *** of support. [EXPRESS]
21. This was a *** reaction, given the bitter hostility between the two countries… [PREDICT]
22. They were *** married. [SECRET]
23. Our programme ensures daily opportunities to practice your study language with native ***. [SPEAK]
24. He delivered his *** in French. [SPEAK]
25. The *** lay in the mystery of what was inside the box. [FASCINATE]
26. She has large, *** eyes. [EXPRESS]
27. The lecture was very *** and helpful. [INFORM]
28. We have received *** that Grant may have left the country. [INFORM]
29. He was unwilling to make a *** about which books would sell in the coming year… [PREDICT]
30. He is utterly ***. [PREDICT]
31. This book is full of ***, interesting characters. [BELIEF]
32. I know it sounds *** but I never wanted to cheat. [BELIEF]
33. It was a very frightening experience and they were very ***… [COURAGE]
34. The final *** results will be announced on Friday… [ELECT]
35. The government must promote racial ***. [EQUAL]
36. It was an *** relationship. He was rich, powerful and experienced — I was very young and naive. [EQUAL]
37. He’s got a terrible disease and will not *** long… [LIFE]
38. She does not know if he is *** or dead… [LIFE]
39. What *** are you? [NATION]
40. Baseball is the *** pastime. [NATION]
41. She works for a major *** company. [NATION]
42. Ten thousand people are reported to have taken part in the protest which passed off ***. [PEACE]
43. He was taken *** in North Africa in 1942. [PRISON]
44. His brother was killed in a *** incident last year. [SHOOT]
45. It was easy to understand why Denise found Chris so ***. [FASCINATE]
46. She returned safely from her *** flight into space. [HISTORY]
47. Artist’s intention is one of the criteria for the portrait posited by *** and theorists. [HISTORY]
48. The two sisters were always dressed *** (= in the same clothes). [IDENTICAL]
49. The test is for the *** of a student’s progress. [MEASURE]
50. The *** estimate that nearly two thirds of the continent has become drier over the past 60 years. [SCIENCE]

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