Районная олимпиада 11 класс 2010/2011 Гомельская область

Kласс 11, английский язык, 2010

Total score   80 points

Mistakes     ______
Final score  ______

Лексико-грамматический тест 

1) Open the brackets putting the verbs in the appropriate tense form:

As I (1) __________________ (walk) along the narrow streets of a small Spanish village, I (2) _______________ (feel) excited at the prospect of (3) _______________________ (allow) onto the roof of a beautiful church. My purpose in being there was (4) ______________________ (take) photographs of the white storks which (5) _______________________ (see / nest) in the bell tower high above the village streets. In fact, storks (6) _______________ (be) my ticket into many similar adventures over the years.

Storks (7) _____________ (be) large, beautiful birds with long necks. The numbers of storks (8) ___________________________ (decrease) for various reasons. The major cause for this decrease (9) _________________ (be) probably due to the lack of rain inWest Africa. Human development also (10) ________________________ (affect) the stork’s ability to survive, but in this case the bird (11) ____________________ (prove) to be very adaptable. However there (12) _______________ (be) a new threat to storks on the horizon. European Union rules and regulations may affect the source of food found on rubbish tips, as governments now (15) __________________________ (ask) to clean up rubbish tips by (14)_____________ _______________________ (cover) them over. This obviously (16) ____________________________ (cut off) a valuable food supply for the storks. Nevertheless, like any animal or bird which so successfully (15) ____________________________ (adapt) to human development, the stork no doubt (18) ______________ (find) a way to ensure it (19) _________________________ (survive) long into the future.

Marks: 18

2) Use the appropriate article with the word ‘MAN’ in each sentence:

  1. How can we make ___________ man of him?
  2. Dogs and cats are animals and ___________ man is also an animal.
  3. They answered ‘Yes’ to ______________ man.
  4. The Bible says that ___________ proud man should be abused.
  5. Thousands of years ago ___________ primitive man lived in caves.
  6. He is ___________ very man I am looking for.
  7. They lived together as ___________ man and wife for many years.

Marks: 7

3) Use the word given in capitals in some of the lines to form a word that fits in the space in the same line:

The crime rate statistics continue to make (1) __________________ reading. True, there has been a slight fall in the number of burglaries over the past twelve months, but this is more than made up for by a (2) ____________ leap in the cases of street muggings and aggravated assaults. (3)________________ Jonathan Steadman, 48, (4) _______________ by a department of the Metropolitan Police, makes the point: ‘What we are seeing is a result of better home (5)_______________________________systems, burglar alarms, 6) _________________________ locks, etc. Last year’s burglar has become this year’s pickpocket and mugger. It has (7) ______________________________ dawned on the  nation’s thieves that it is (8)_____________________ easier to snatch the odd handbag or lie in wait for a solitary walker than to go to the unnecessary lengths of (9)______________________ a hi-tech alarm system. DEPRESSSUBSTANCE








Marks: 8

4) Fill each of the following blanks with an appropriate word or phrase:

1.    The new novel was reviewed in _______ newspaper.

a) the last Sunday

b) last Sunday                      

c) last Sunday’s                   

d) the last Sunday’s

2.   _______ strode over their failures with hardly a sidelong glance.

a) The Kennedies

b) The Kennedys

c) The Kennedy

d) Kennedies

3. Few women admit ______age, few men act ________ .

a) their / their

b) their / they’re

c) their / theirs

d) there / their

4. The slaves were subjected to_______ discipline.

a) Unhuman

b) Not human

c) Non-human

d) Inhuman

5. ‘What is it like?’ – ‘I haven’t seen it, so how ______ I know?’

a) Had

b) Might

c) Could

d) Should

6. Here is an article you must all read from beginning to end, ______?

a) mustn’t you

b) isn’t it

c) isn’t there

d) is it

7. But now the blooms were at their ______ and ______.

a) fresh / good

b) fresh / best

c) freshest / best

d) fresher / better

8. The dentist had to pull two of my teeth, ______ was a real pity.

a) which

b) what

c) that

d) whose

Marks: 8

5) Fill in each of the blanks with a preposition:

  1. He was_____ a loss______ words.
  2. I have the great privilege ______ introducing our speaker_______ tonight.
  3. Grandma is always prompt ______ answering letters.
  4. One need only point____ the increase ___violence as an example____ the fall ____ moral values ____ our time.

Marks:10×0,4= 4

6) English proverbs and sayings:

1. You can’t judge a tree by its ______ .

  1. flowers
  2. leaves
  3. stem
  4. bark

2.  Every man has a tool in his ____ .

  1. portfolio
  2. head
  3. sleeve
  4. stomach

3. One man’s fault is another man’s _______ .

  1. fortune
  2. health
  3. wealth
  4. lesson

 Marks: 3

7) Complete these phrases with one of these verbs: to SPEAK / to TALK / to SAY / to TELL

1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8…
business the truth fresh from frozen one’s  lines nonsense for  certain the mind good  bye


Marks: 8

8) Find a mistake in each sentence. Circle the number.


  1. When Julia feels strongly(1) about something(2) she can speak up(3) herself(4).
  1. I had forgotten(1) that this friend of yours(2) doesn’t like(3) her coffee sweet and milky(4).
  1. Try to change(1) the spark plugs but if that fails (2)take this car of yours(3) to a mechanic(4).
  1. When a hundred experiment(1) resulted in failure(2) the research staff was(3) in deep despair(4).

Marks: 4


9) Think of one word only which can be used appropriately in all three sentences.

1) _____________________

  1. The new system is a real… of fresh air.
  2. He found himself fighting for … in the thin atmosphere.
  3. Take a deep … and start again.

2) ______________________

  1. Не is the only leader with a strong … of where the country should_be heading.
  2. Her … became blurred when she was accidentally struck on the head.
  3. My line of… was blocked by the person standing in front of me.

3) ______________________

  1. Earthquakes sometimes seem to come so soon one after …
  2. … few years and she’ll be a world champion.
  3. Shoplifting is one thing; robbery with violence is quite …

4) ______________________

  1. There was intense … for places.
  2. There was a phone-in … for which the first prize was a seat at the final.
  3. This government’s policy is to encourage … between businesses.

5) ______________________

  1. The result of the match was in … until late into the fifth set.
  2. I … if I’ll ever come back here.
  3. His guilt was established beyond any reasonable …

6) _______________________

  1. He survived eighteen years in prison … to die of heart attack the day after he was released.
  2. If we had … planned more carefully, we wouldn’t be in this mess.
  3. Please welcome the one and … George B. Rafter!

7) _______________________

  1. I will try with all the … at my disposal.
  2. The situation is by no … hopeless.
  3. The llama is the main … of transport in that part of the world.

Marks: 7


10) Decide which answer (А, В, С or D) best fits each gap and circle the correct answer:

Hopes are (1) … of finding the boat which was reported missing in the channel last weekend. No survivors have been found and the chances of picking up any now are (2) … , though people leading the search and rescue operation say there could just ( 3) … be a chance that some of the crew could have survived by clinging to wreckage. The missing crew themselves have meanwhile come in for some public criticism. They exhibited a (4) … disregard of the coastguard’s warnings about adverse weather conditions. He expressed strong (5) … about whether it was permissible for small boats to ignore such advice and said there ought to be more stringent (6) … on the use of such a busy stretch of international water.

1. A. darkening B. going C. fading D. draining
2. A. thin B. narrow C. slim D. restricted
3. A. conceivably B. credibly C. imaginatively D. believably
4. A. required B. glaring C. forbidden D. fragrant
5. A. scruples B. reservations C. hesitation D. proviso
6. A. controls B. terms C. qualifications D. requirement

Marks: 6

Total: 80

класс 11, английский язык, 2010

Текст для аудирования

New words:

to urge — настаивать, убеждать
steeply — круто
whilst — пока
to be aware — быть осведомлённым

The Red Coat

There was a middle-aged man who had recently lost his wife after a short illness. He was overcome with grief and his friends urged him to go back to work to help him forget. He worked for a bank in a city and every day he took the train from the small town where he lived into the city. It was a slow train and stopped at several small towns on the way. He always sat in the same seat next to the window and tried to read a newspaper.

One evening he was on his way home as usual. He was thinking about his wife and feeling rather sad. At the stop before his a young woman got on and took the seat opposite him. He hardly noticed her; he was so deep in thought. The next evening she was there again and this time he was aware of her because he caught sight of her bright red coat. It was a colour his wife often used to wear. The girl continued to join the train at the same station every day and usually sat in the same seat, if it was free, opposite him. He was a shy man and with the sadness he carried he did not look up when she sat down. However, on the rare occasions when she did not catch his train he hoped she would be there the next day. She usually was.

After about three months the man decided he needed a holiday. He didn’t want to go anywhere that reminded him of his wife so he chose to go to a small island where he could walk and watch birds, something he hadn’t done since he was a boy. It was a spring day with a sharp wind and rain in the air. He decided to walk to the other side of the island. It was not a difficult walk but at one point he had to walk very close to the cliff edge. The cliff path was narrow and dropped steeply down to the sea. He could see the waves breaking on the rocks below. As he stared down at the sea something caught his eye. It was a flash of red. He looked more carefully and then looked through his binoculars. The flash of red was in fact some red material that was caught between two rocks. His heart missed a beat and in his mind he saw the girl on the train trapped by her red coat. With great difficulty he climbed down the cliff face and towards the rocks. There was nothing there. He searched carefully for several minutes before returning to the cliff walk and his hotel. It was very strange but he felt quite upset that he had not found it.

The man was anxious to get back to work. On his first day back he could hardly wait until it was time to catch his train home. The girl did not get on the train. The next day he was even more excited although he was at the same time terrified that she might not be there. As the train drew into the little station he looked out of the window in both directions, hoping to see her red coat. There was no red coat. The train began its journey again and with a heavy heart the man sat back in his seat.

When he got home that night a neighbour called round with a parcel that had been delivered that day whilst he was out. He opened it and there in a neat bundle was a red wool coat — his wife’s coat. The tears came and he buried his face in the warm, soft material. There was also a note from the dry cleaners explaining they had at last found the missing item and were returning it as requested. No charge would be made for the cleaning.

It was an important moment for the man. With care he folded the coat and wrapped it in paper. He took it round to a neighbour who knew his wife and asked her if she would like it. ‘You see,’ he said, ‘it’s time I let go. You’ve all been telling me that and now I think I can.’

класс 11, английский язык, 2010
Total score   20 points
Mistakes _______
Final score   _______

Тест по аудированию

The Red Coat

Listen to the story and complete the summary below with one or two words in each gap.

There was a man who was grieving for his (1)__________ wife. He went back to work as his (2)_______________ thought this would help him. Every day he took the train to and from the city where he worked in a (3)______________. One day a (4)___________ got on the train  and sat (5)__________________  him. She started to do this every day but he only noticed her when she wore a (6) ___________________.

The man decided to go (7)______________. When he was out walking he noticed some red material caught in between (8) _____________ at the bottom of a cliff. He climbed down but could not find the red material.

He went back to work and on his way home he (9) _____________________ the girl in the red  coat but she did not get on the train. When he got home there was a (10) _______________ for him. It was his wife’s red coat which had been lost at the (11) ___________________. He cried for the first time since his (12) ________________________.

He took the coat to a (13)___________________ and asked her if she would like it. He told her that he knew it was time to get over his loss.

Choose and circle the best answer — a, b or с.

14. What was the man’s martial status?

a) He was a bachelor.
b) He was a divorcer.
c) He was a widower.

15. Why didn’t the man notice the girl on the train at first?     

a) He was reading a newspaper.
b) He was thinking hard about his wife.
c) She did not sit near him.

16.  When the girl did not get on the train?

a) He missed her
b) He forgot about her
c) He was worried

17.  Why did he choose the island for his holiday?

a) It was famous for birds.
b) He hadn’t been there with his wife.
c) He had visited it when he was young.

18. When he saw the piece of red material he was

a) anxious.
b) happy
c) excited

19. Why was the man looking forward to going back to work?

a) He wanted to see the girl again.
b) He had not enjoyed his holiday.
c) He wanted to talk about his wife.

20. What was important about the return of his wife’s coat?

a) It was his wife’s favourite.
b) It reminded him of the girl on the train
c) It allowed him to grieve properly.




  1.  walked
  2.  felt
  3. being allowed
  4. to take
  5. had been seen nesting
  6. have been
  7. are
  8. have been decreased (or have been decreasing)
  9.    was
  10. has affected
  11. has proved
  12. is
  13. are being asked
  14. covering
  15. will cut off
  16. has adapted
  17. will
  18. find
  19. will survive


  1.  a
  3.  the
  4.  the
  6.  the


  1.    depressing
  2.    substantial
  3.    criminologist
  4.    employed
  5.    security
  6.    safety
  7.    apparently
  8.    immeasurably
  9.    deactivating


  1. c
  2. b
  3. c
    4. d
    5. c
    6. b
    7. c
    8. a


  1. at/for
  2. of/for
  3. in
  4. to/in/of/in/in



  1.  d
  2.  c
  3. d



  1. to walk
  2. to tell
  3. to tell
  4. to say
  5. to talk
  6. to say
  7.  to speak
  8.  to say



  1. 4 – for herself
  2. 1 – have forgotten
  3. 1 – changing
  4. 1 – the hundred



  1. breath
  2. vision
  3. another
  4. competition
  5. doubt
  6. only
  7. means

10) 1. C 2. C 3. A  4. B 5. B 6. A



1. dead
2. friends
3. bank
4. girl
5. opposite
6. red coat
7. on holiday
8. (some) rocks
9. looked for/ searched for
10. parcel
11. dry-cleaners’
12. wife’s death/ wife died
13. neighbour
14. c)
15. b)
16. a)
17. b)
18. a)
19. a)
20. c)

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