Областная олимпиада 5 класс 2010/2011

Областная олимпиада по английскому языку
Form 5
2010/2011 учебный год

Grammar and Vocabulary Test             

Total 30

I. Choose the correct word.  5 points

1. You will sleep in this bed well at night. It’s very ______ .
a) favourite   b) coloured   c) comfortable   d) domestic

2. We are going to the party! ______ us! We’ll have a lot of fun!
a) Come    b) Go to    c) Join    d) Leave for

3. People don’t live in the _____, but they sometimes go there.
a) country     b) museum    c) block     d) town

4. You need _____to open the door, because it is locked.
a) a key     b) a hall     c) a lock     d) a hill

5. Please, put the milk in the _____, because it can get bad, it’s too hot here.
a) bookcase     b) wardrobe     c) desk     d) fridge

II. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense form.   10 points

  1. He ____________________________________ (go) to the cinema every Sunday.
  2. Tom _________________________________ _ (drink) tea now.
  3. It _____________________________________ (rain) next week.
  4. Look! The boys __________________________ (play) football.
  5. They __________________________________ (work) hard in the garden last Sunday.

III. Ask questions.   10 points

1. Mary came home late yesterday. (When … ?)


2. Our family bought a nice sofa yesterday. (Did … ?)


3. Bob was inLondonlast year. (, … ?)


4. Tom and Larry watched animals at the Zoo. (What … ?)


5. Mrs Crook had dinner in the dining-room yesterday. (Did … or …?)

____________________________ ___________________________________

IV. Fill in the prepositions: by, in, to, at, on.   5 points

  1. It was very cold _____ Monday and we couldn’t go _____ school.
  2. My friend lives _____47 Trend Street.
  3. The family went to the sea _____ bus.
  4. We live _____ a noisy city.

Областная олимпиада по английскому языку

2010/2011 учебный год

Reading Comprehension Test                        Form 5

blind —  слепой

save – спасать


You know that the dog is a man’s best friend. The dog is also man’s oldest friend.
More than ten thousand years ago, dogs didn’t live with people. They were wild.
Now dogs live with people and do many good things for them. Dogs can be “eyes” for blind people. There was a dog, Bruno, who saved 40 people in the mountains. Dogs help geologists to find metals. They help police officers to catch thieves.
If you have a dog, you know how clever dogs are. You can teach your dog to do many tricks: to bring things to you, to carry your bag when you do shopping, to help you with your school-bag when you come home from school.
Dogs usually like to swim and you can teach your dog to swim. But you must remember that some dogs are afraid of water.
Where do you leave your dog, when you go on holiday? Leave him in good hands: with a neighbour or a family friend. Take your dog to these people before you go away. Sit down and talk to them. Show your dog that they are your friends and he will like them.
Take care of your dog, never let him run wild in the street. If you are good to your dog, he will be your real friend.

Reading Comprehension Test                  

Total 15


I. Choose the correct ending.  5 points

1. More than ten thousand years ago dogs …
a) already lived with people.    b) didn’t live with people.    c) helped people.

2. Now dogs do …
a) much housework for people.      b) many bad things for people. c) many god things for people.

3. Dogs help …
a) police officers.    b) drivers.     c) thieves.

4. When you go on holiday, you can leave your dog …
a) with a doctor.    b) with a family friend.     c) with a policeman.

5. Never let your dog run …
a) wild in the street.    b) with other dogs in the street.    c) fast in the street.

II. Write ‘True’ or ‘False’?   5 points

  1. Many thousand years ago, dogs were wild.
  2. Dogs help to find people in the mountains.
  3. You can never teach your dog to swim.
  4. Your dog can carry your bag from the shop.
  5. The dogs are not very clever.

III. Choose the correct answer to the questions.   5 points

1. Who saved 40 people in the mountains?
a) Blind people     b) Bruno     c) A family friend

2. What can you teach your dog to do?
a) Tricks     b) To go on holiday     c) To sit down and talk

3. What do dogs find for geologists?
a) Metals     b) Thieves     c) Food

4. What are some dogs afraid of?
a) Cats     b) Children     c) Water

5. What must you do to make your dog a real friend?
a) Leave the dog with other people.
b) Take care of the dog.
c) Let him run wild in the street.

Keys to the reading comprehension

Total 15

I.    1. b     2. c     3. a     4. b     5. a
II.   1. T    2. T    3. F     4. T    5. F
III.  1. b    2. a     3. a      4. c     5. b

Keys to the grammar and vocabulary test

Total 30

I.    1. c     2. c     3. b     4. a     5. d
II.   1. goes    2. is drinking   3. will rain     4. are playing    5. worked
1.  When did Mary come home (yesterday)?
2.  Did our family buy a nice sofa yesterday?
3.  Bob was inLondonlast year, wasn’t he?
4.  What did Tom and Larry watch at the Zoo?
5.  Did Mrs Crook have dinner in the dining-room or (in the kitchen) yesterday?

IV. 1. on, to     2. at     3. by     4. in

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