Областная олимпиада 6 класс 2010/2011

Областная олимпиада по английскому языку 6 класс


Total: 40 points

Form 6

I. Use the necessary article.   5 points

  1. … Ben Nevis is the highest peak in Scotland.
  2. Have you ever been to … Goby, one of the hottest places on our planet?
  3. Is … Lake Baikal the deepest freshwater lake?
  4. The best salmon is caught near … Orkney Islands.
  5. The UK is washed by … North Sea in the west.                                      

II. Choose the necessary word. 5 points

  1. Very few/little people came to the party.
  2. There was few/little milk left in the cup.
  3. Do you know who/whose idea it was.
  4. The man who/which is sitting there is my brother.
  5. This is not what/which I want.

III. Choose the correct variant. 5 points

  1. There isn’t nobody/anybody at home.
  2. Both/either Kate and Jane like ice-cream.
  3. Neither Mike nor/or his father go fishing.
  4. Somebody/anybody entered the house.
  5. I don’t know something/anything about the party.

IV. Use the proper word from the box.  5 points

Tired, hard, curious, tasty, enough.

  1. If you are not … healthy, you mustn’t go to the river.
  2. When you walk for a long time, you get …
  3. Children enjoy the sweet … of chocolate.
  4. Many people have to work … to make their life more comfortable.
  5. Children are usually … about everything around them.

 V.    Find and correct ten mistakes in the story. 10 points

It is small grey animal that live in a forest. You know that hedgehogs sleep by day and are active in night. They eat insects and mushrooms. If they live in the house, they like to eat the food that we eats. They are favourite food are milk.

The hedgehog can ran quickly, but not as quickly like the dog. Put off a pair of gloves after you take it in your hands.                                                                             

Областная олимпиада по английскому языку

2010/2011 учебный год

Miranda’s Journey

Once upon a time there was a duck who lived in Africa. She was an English duck and her name was Miranda.

Her great wish was to come to England and play with the girls and boys who lived there. So she said good-bye to her friends and flew away. For miles there was nothing but forest; then she saw the sea. She came to Italy. She could see the children at the seaside, they were playing with the golden sand. Then she came to some mountains and had to fly high over them. The air was colder and colder; it was snowing.

She was tired and hungry. It was snowing hard. She couldn’t see anything in front of her. And all the time she thought of summer days on English ponds, and of the children she was going to meet and play with. She flew on for hours like this. The wind and the snow suddenly stopped. Below she could see the bright light of a big town. It was London.

She flew down and landed on a pond. There was a little nest in the middle of the pond. She was pleased. She ate some pond grass and got in the nest. She was just going to sleep when she heard someone shouting,

«Miranda Duck, Miranda Duck!»

«Here I am!» she said, then jumped out of nest and swam to the bank of the pond. She saw a messenger boy there.

«Telegram for you,» said the boy.

She swam back to the nest.

Oh! She was happy. She opened it. It was from the girls and boys in Africa. They wished her good luck.

The lights went out at the house across the road. She could hear the people saying good night to each other. She put the telegram under one wing and her head under the other, and went to sleep.

Областная олимпиада по английскому языку

2010/2011 учебный год

Miranda’s Journey

I.  Choose the correct ending to each sentence.

1. Miranda’s greatest wish was

a) to see Italy and France

b) o play with boys and girls from England

c) to enjoy summer days on English ponds

2. She saw the children at the seaside who

a) were splashing in the water

b) were playing with the golden sand

c) were collecting shells

3. It was hard for Miranda to fly because

a) she had to fly thousands of miles

b) the weather was cold and snowy

c) he was alone

4. She was happy to get a telegram from Africa because

a) the telegram was friendly

b) it was the first telegram she ever received

c) she was always happy to get telegrams

5. She ate some grass and

a) swam in the pond

b) got in the nest

c) played with the children

II.   Make the sentences complete using one word

  1. The air was colder and colder; it was …
  2. She was tired and …
  3. There was a little … in the middle of the pond.
  4. She was just going to … when she heard someone shouting.
  5. She put the … under one wing.

III.    Say if the sentences are true or false

  1. She said good-bye to her friends and took a train to England.
  2. Then she came to some mountains and flew over them.
  3. She flew down and landed on a river.
  4. She could hear the people saying good night to each other.
  5. She put the telegram into the nest.

Областная олимпиада по английскому языку

2010/2011 учебный год

Test Keys

I. -. 2. the. 3. -. 4. the. 5. the.

II.  few. 2. little. 3. whose. 4.who. 5. what.

III.  anybody. 2. both. 3. nor. 4. somebody. 5. something.

IV. 1. enough. 2. tired. 3. tasty. 4. hard. 5. curious.

V. 1. is a small. 2. that live in. 3. at night. 4. we at. 5. their. 6. is milk. 7. can run. 8. as quickly as. 9. put on. 10. before you take.

Reading keys

I.  B. 2. B. 3. B. 4. A. 5. B.

II. snowing. 2. hungry. 3. nest. 4. sleep. 5. letter.

III. False. 2. True. 3. False. 4. True. 5. False.

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