Областная олимпиада 8 класс 2010/2011

Областная олимпиада по английскому языку 

2010/2011 учебный год

Form 8

Total 50 points

I. Read the text. Put the words in bold in the correct form and fill in the blanks with them. 12 points

How Old is Stonehenge?

Stonehenge, the most famous  (HISTORY) monument in Britain,is situated on Salisbury Plain. It is a great mistery for some, a great sanctuary for the others and a great attraction for all kinds of tourists which visit the British Isles.
At (VARY) times it was regarded by different scientists as a site built by the misterious Druids, the religious Order of the past, the Romans, the Danes and even the French. The initial stage of the whole colossal stone construction – a (CIRCLE) ditch and bank with an (ENTER) flanked by a pair of small brought from a50 milesaway mine (STAND) stones — is believed to have been build around 5,000 years ago. Probably the formation was used as an observarory or a pagan worship place, or both.

II. Read the text and circle the number of the best variant.14 points

It happened in autumn. A beginning burglar wanted to steal a very valuable picture which was in a banker’s house. Using the Internet, he chose a moonless and starless night, broke into the house and went into the hall. Suddenly a glistening ghost entered the hall. The robber was so much shocked he could hardly ____A22 and shook all over. «Hi! — said the ghost. — What a pretty costume. Very life-like! I could bet my head you have come on business. Ha!» At that moment a smiling vampire came in. His eyes were red and swallen, on his chin one could see something red. In his hand he was holding a glass with some red liquid. The vampire shouted, «How nice you___A23, we are running____A24 of the drink!» Then a witch came out of a small door and smiled so sweetly saying, «Darling, what a sweet young man at our meeting of old, old friends!» And she licked her lips. The burglar rushed_____A25 the house. He ran for his life and soon was out of breath, but had no courage to stop until he got out of the garden and. Having run out, he stopped at the gate to catch his breath. On the big gate he saw a great poster with the following words: «Like____A26 up? Our party is just for you!» He understood that it was only a Halloween party! If he only had known about it! The burglar thought that after_____      A27 time he____A28 no more. And he kept his word! He became an organiser of parties and had many clients.

A 22

A 23

A 24

A 25

A 26

A 27

A 28

1. stay

1. came

1. away

1. out of

1. clothing

1. it

1. steal

2. stand

2. are coming

2. from

2. away from

2. dressing

2. then

2. will steal

3. stop

3. have come

3. off

3. through

3. dressing yourself

3. a

3. have stolen

4. stray

4. come

4. out

4. beside

4. putting

4. this

4. would steal

III. Match the sentences 6 points


1. Things done

2. As you brew

3. Ahungry belly

4. Little pigeons

5. No sweet

6. The devil isn’t so black

a) has no ears

b) can carry great messages

c) cannot be undone

d) without sweat

e) so must you drink

f) as it is drawn

IV. There is one mistake in each sentence. Find and correct it. 10 points

1. How long you have been learning English?

2. She’s living inParissince 1987.

3. She thinks it’s a good idea, but I’m not agree.

4. I was very frighten when I saw the film.

5. Look at all these stares in the sky!

V.  Choose 10 out of 15 suitable words and fill in the blanks. 10 points

  As you go home after a 1_____________day’s work, through the crowded underground tunnels, suddenly you hear some music. You 2__________the corner, reach into your pocket 3__________ out a ten-pence piece, and throw it into the open guitar case of a busker (уличный музыкант). If you look 4 _________at the wall behind the busker, you will probably see the names of the musicians 5___________ on an old poster with the times beside each name. These are bookings for the pitch — the place where the busker plays. Each musician plays for an hour at a time. Those who want to play must arrange it with the person 6____________, and write their name up on the wall.
Brenda, an American girl, said she enjoyed busking 7__________of the time. She was performing in Leicester Square where there are many pitches for buskers. Some of them are quite close together, but one important 8_________ is that you mustn’t stand so close to someone that you can both be heard at the 9__________time.
Apart from the money, why do musicians want to play in the streets? Some said it was just for fun, and others said that they couldn’t play at home 10__________ disturbing the neighbours.

Either,   hard,   somebody,     mostly,  to take,   turn, playing,  same,    crowding

closely,    without,     rule,   most,   written,    throughout



Total 40 points

A Piece of Paper

Some years ago a young man wanted to leave his village and live in the city. «Life is easy in the city,» he thought. «I shall not have to work hard.»

The young man had no money to take with him to the city, so he went to see an old farmer.

“I’m going to city,» he said. “Give me a dozen boxes of eggs. I’ll sell them in the city.»

“Very well,» the old farmer said, and he gave him a dozen boxes of eggs.

The young man went to the city and sold the boxes of eggs but he did not send the money to the old farmer. He spent it on clothes for himself instead.

Many months later the farmer came to the city and looked for the young man. He

was standing outside a cinema with some other lazy young men.

«Where’s the money for my eggs?» the old farmer cried.

“What money?» the young man said. «I know nothing about any money or eggs.»

And he went into the cinema with his friends.

The farmer was very angry and went to the police station. He told the Police Inspector his story.

«I believe you, old man,» the Police inspector said. “This young man is always trouble. We must try to get your money for you.»

He sent a policeman to the cinema to fetch the young man. The young man went into the police station. The Inspector said with a smile, «Hello. This foolish old man tells me you owe him some money. I don’t believe him.” He picked up a piece of paper. «The farmer says you wrote on this piece of paper- I owe you a dozen boxes of eggs- and then  you wrote your name. Is that true’’

“No,’’ the young man said. ‘‘It’s false. I didn’t write anything on a piece of paper.”

“ I think the same,” the Inspector said.”I think another man wrote this. It will be easy to discover the truth. I want to see your handwriting.”

He gave the young man a piece of paper, a pen and said, “ Write on this paper- I owe you a dozen boxes of eggs — and put your name underneath.”

The young man laughed and wrote on the piece of paper. Then he handed it to the Inspector.

«Good,» the Inspector said. «Now give the old farmer money for his eggs.»

» What………………………. but………….. ,” said the young man.

«It says on this piece of paper,» the inspector said, “I owe you a dozen boxes of eggs.”


A. Choose the correct answer . 10 points


1. Why did the young man want to go to the city?

A. He thought life was easy in the city.

B. He wanted to buy eggs.

C. He wanted to become a policeman.

D. He wanted to sell eggs.


2. What did the young man do with the eggs?

A. He was too lazy to sell them.

B. He gave them away.

C. He sold them.

D.    He gave them back.


3. Why did the farmer come to the city?

A.  To sell his eggs.

B. To find the young man.

C. To visit a policeman.

D. To go to the cinema.


4. Why was the farmer angry?

A. Because the young man pretended not to know about the eggs.

B. Because the young man was lazy.

C. Because the young was a policeman.

D. Because the young man was standing outside a cinema.


5. Why did the young man write on the paper?

A. He wanted to tell the truth.

B. The old farmer owed him a dozen boxes of eggs.

C. The inspector wanted to see his handwriting.

D.He wanted to show the farmer how to get home.


B. Answer the questions in complete sentences. 20 points

1. What did the young man ask the farmer for?

2. What did he do with the eggs?

3. What did he spend the money on?

4. Who helped the farmer?

5. What did the young man write on the piece of paper?


C. Circle the number to show the correct meaning  10 points

a)  a  dozen boxes of eggs  

1. 6 boxes of eggs

2. many boxes of eggs

3. 12 boxes of eggs

b)  inspector                           

1. someone such as a military officer or a politician

2. a police officer of middle rank

3. a title of play

c)  owe                      

1.need to pay for goods already taken

2.want to give a gif

3. took

d)  underneath          

1. on the paper

2. at the bottom

3. at the top

e)  fetch

1. hold




Reading Keys

A.  1a; 2c; 3b; 4a; 5c


1. He asked the farmer to give him a dozen of eggs.

 2. He sold the eggs.

3. He spend the money on the clothes for himself.

4. The Police Inspector helped the farmer.

5. He wrote, “I owe you a dozen boxes of eggs.” Then he put this name underneath.

C.    a.3; b.2; c.1; d.2; e.2.


Test keys

I.  1.prehistoric; 2.various; 3.circular; 4.entrance; 5.standing; 6.subsequently

II. A22-2; A23-3; A24-4; A25-1;A26-2; A27-4; A28-4

III .1c; 2c; 3a; 4b; 5d  6f


1. How long have you been learning English?

2. She’s been living inParissince 1987.

3.She thinks it’s a good idea but I don’t agree.

4.I was very frightened when I saw the film.

5.Look at these stars in the sky!

V. 1 hard 2 turn 3 to take 4 closely 5 written 6 playing 7 most 8.rule 9 crowding 10 without

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