Областная олимпиада 9 класс 2010/2011

Областная олимпиада по английскому языку 2010-2011 учебного года     

Form 9    

  Lexical-grammar test

Total: 70 

I. Choose the correct linking word or phrase in the sentences.

0.  I can’t come to your party so/because/for I have a bad cold.
1.    My favourite subjects at school are French as well as/and/plus history.
2.   If/When/Unless you are interested in Egyptian mummies, you should visit the Turin Museum.
3.   I was thinking about my holiday when at once/immediately/suddenly I heard a strange noise.
4.   Please give her the letter until/as soon as/eventually you see her.
5.   Why did you bring such/so/some many wine glasses?
6.   He has such/very/so a lovely voice that he sang a solo with the choir.
7.   He can either/neither/nor read nor write.
8.   If the weather’s good we’ll neither/or/either go to the beach or the mountains.
9.   I need a cloth so that/in case/to clean the table.
10.  All trains will be late so that/in case of/due to the terrible weather.

II. Complete the idioms with one appropriate word.

0.  She was as sick as a ________dog_____________________ .

1.  It’s a pity he let the cat out of the ______________________ .
2.  Margaret has always been the black ______      of the family.
3.  I’m not going to join the rat ___________________________ .
4.  She has a bee in her _____________________ about dancing.
5.  Jane, who only speaks English, feels like a fish out of __________  when she goes abroad.
6.  I wish I could be a fly on the ____________________ during their meeting.

III.  Use the prefixes un-, in-, im-, ir— or il— to make the adjectives negative.

0. usual          unusual
1. popular        _______________
2. human          _______________
3. credible       _______________
4. regular        _______________
5. kind          _______________
6. accurate       _______________
7. polite         _______________
8. competent     _______________
9. logical        _______________
10. practical    _____________

IV. Complete the multi-part verbs in the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in the box.

fix / drop / stand / call / blow / find / be / get / hang / write / come

0.  If you go to Haymarket, will you call on your sister?
1.  If you arrive at 2 o’clock the party will __________ over and nobody will be here.
2.   They used the dynamite to __________ up the bridge.
3.   As soon as the programme had finished, they _____ out more about the museum by visiting the website.
4.   George  was looking for his razor when he __________ across his wife’s wedding ring.
5.   Though she was exhausted and wanted to sleep she found it was very difficult to _______ off.
6.   I’ve __________ up an appointment with the dentist next Thursday afternoon.
7.    As it is my last day today, let’s all __________ together at 12 o’clock and go to the pub.
8.   __________ on a minute, I can’t find my address book.
9.  Despite her ugly dress at last night’s concert her talent as a singer __________ out.
10. Listen to the telephone number and __________ it down in your address book.

V.Complete the following sentences with the correct multi-part verb formed from one of the verbs given in the box.

bring / find / get / give / go / make / put / take / write

0.  I’d like you to ____write______ ____down_______ every single word the lecturer says.
1. Never _______ __________ until tomorrow what you can do today!
2. The pilot allowed the little boy to _________ ________ the controls of the plane for a few minutes.
3. My ex-boyfriend was the last person to _________ ________ about my wedding plans.
4. I’m sorry I haven’t booked a ticket for you. I’ll ______ it _______ to you next time.
5. We must _______   ________ these two chapters again. I don’t remember anything.
6. The speaker did her best but she didn’t manage to _____ her message ________ .
7. Don’t tell me everything. If you _____ _____the ending of the story, I’ll be bored in the cinema.
8. Why didn’t you _____ _____ your previous job experience while they were considering you for this position?

VI. Use the word given in brackets to form a word that fits in the text.

Creating your own dishes

Good cooking is always a strange (1 mix) of science and art and you certainly have to be fairly (2 create) if you want to come with your own recipes. All cooking also demands a fair amount of (3 prepare), and this is doubly true when you’re producing (4 origin) dishes. You also have to be thick-skinned. You’ll be (5 surprise) by how honest people can be when it comes to food. I’ve had people tell me my latest dish is (6 disgust) and (7 thorough) inedible! Sometimes, they were right! But don’t get upset. Just smile (8 sweet) and thank them for their valuable opinion. And never forget that you’re waiting (9 anxious) to hear whether or not your  ‘masterpiece’ is a success and they suddenly show their (10 appreciate) you’ll realize it was all worth it. My tips: home-(11 grow) vegetables are always the tastiest. Every good cook needs a top-quality (12 mix) . It’s essential piece of kitchen equipment, not a luxury. Make sure you’ve got lots of good-quality food storage (13 contain). And finally, remember that designing a new dish is not about (14 safe). It’s about taking risks, and learning from your mistakes. Have fun in the kitchen!

VII. Use the word in brackets to rewrite each sentence so that it means the same as the sentence before.

0. I’m sure my mum has serious doubts about my girlfriend. (must)

My mum must have serious doubts about my girlfriend .

1. I regret that I told my parents about our wedding plans. (wish)

______________________________________________________________________ .

2. You failed your university entrance exams because you didn’t study hard. (if)

______________________________________________________________________ .

3. ‘Have you done anything so stupid before?’ (asked me)

______________________________________________________________________ .

4. Maybe she doesn’t want to apologise for her unacceptable behaviour the other day. (might)

______________________________________________________________________ .

5. Sue is going to arrange for someone to water her plants while she is away. (get)

______________________________________________________________________ .

6. When I was a student I often got up at10 a.m. (used)

______________________________________________________________________ .

VIII.Choose the right word.

  1. These days, many parents find it difficult to assist/support a large family.
  2. My grandma doesn’t have any close/near  family her own age left.
  3. Who was to blame/fault for the argument?
  4. Don’t you know it’s kind/polite to close your mouth when you are eating?
  5. Dave’s parents were very enjoyed/pleased when they saw him in the school play.
  6. I have a very good connection/relationship with my mother.

Test  Reading

America is work: ‘Whistle while you work’

by Ethan Allen

[1] What’s it like to live in America? ‘America, the Beautiful.’ Land of the free. Land of the brave. Land of rock stars and movie stars. Brooks, Madonna, Springsteen, Elvis. Authors Mark Twain, James Baldwin and Toni Morrison. Martin Luther King, Harry Truman, Abe Lincoln. History. The Civil War. The hippy movement of the 1960s. War veterans. The Grand Canyon. The urban cowboy and the real cowboys. Las Vegas. Manhattan Island. Hollywood. Sure, these are images of America. But ask the other 99 per cent of America what it’s like to live in America. You’ll get a very different picture.

[2] So, what one short sentence describes the real America? How about this one? America is work. Work. The pride of a nation that gets so many philosophers thinking hard trying to figure out why America works so well. Proud of his (and my) nation, Abraham Lincoln said: ‘America is the last and best hope of earth.’ He said that because he knew that people in America were committed to the task of finding a safe passage for free prosperous people.

[3] America is work. Careers. Being proud and happy about what you do every day. It’s the smiling, intense, goal-oriented celebration of life. It’s moms and dads working. It’s kids off to school. Students know they have to do more than just study to work in the profession of their talent and choice. Some read 500 pages a week. They write research papers and learn public speaking. They support their hometown baseball, football and basketball teams. But students also have to learn how to earn a living, working as machinists, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, cooks, customer service specialists, business owners, managers, nurses, doctors etc. Everyone must produce quality goods everywhere day and night. It all takes work. Quality. That means America has maintained a high employment rate of over 93 per cent since World War II.

[4] I hear America described in terms of the ‘spaghetti westerns’. Those old movies tell the story that life in early America was tough. No matter what colour hat you wore, you were working to make a living anyway you could. Sure, the bad men went to jail so the good men could have a safe life for their families. That tradition of freedom means Americans work to be autonomous.

[5] It works because people vote for their government representatives. It is not perfect but still, a working America ensures government is ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people’. Elected officials work for the people, not the other way around. Yes, there are a lot of laws and rules in America. But Americans do not want to depend on government. That is what makes America work. This ‘working to win’ spirit is the American way.

(Adapted from The World of English)

 Task 1

Read the text and decide which of the paragraphs (1–5) is best characterised by the summaries (A–F). There is one extra summary. Write your answers in the table below.

0      A  The country proud of its people’s commitment
1      B  The country with a past
2      C  The country of well-educated people
3      D  The country of famous people, places and events
4      E  The country of hard-working people of all ages and professions
5      F   The country of democracy and success

Task 2

Read the text again and decide if the statements (1–5) are true, false or not stated. One example (0) has been done for you. Tick your answers in the table below.

0 ‘America the Beautiful’ is a popular myth which doesn’t truly reflect the reality of living in America.
1 99% of the American population is dissatisfied with their lives.
2 According to the text, the economic success in America is difficult to explain.
3 The high employment rate in America results from the pressure to do one’s best.
4 ‘Spaghetti westerns’ are about America but they don’t tell us much about real American people.
5 Most of the principles organising American life have been introduced by government.  


Lexical-grammar test           Total: 70

I. 1 and 2 If 3 suddenly 4 as soon as 5 so 6 such 7 neither 8 either 9 to 10 due to [10 marks]

II. 1 bag / 2 sheep / 3 race / 4 bonnet / 5 water / 6 wall (6)

III. 1 unpopular 2 inhuman 3 incredible 4 irregular 5 unkind 6       inaccurate 7 impolite 8 incompetent 9 illogical 10 impractical [10 marks]

IV. 1 be 2 blow 3 found 4 came 5 drop 6 fixed 7 get 8 Hang 9 stood 10 write [10 marks]

V1 put off; / 2 take over; / 3 find out; / 4 make … up; /   5 go over/through; / 6 get … across; / 7 give away; / 8 bring

VI. 1 mixture   2 creative   3 preparation 4 original  5 surprised 6 disgusting 7 thoroughly  8  sweetly 9 anxiously 10 appreciation  11 grown  12 mixer   13 containers    14 safet


1. I wish I hadn’t told my parents about our wedding plans;

2. If you had studied hard/harder, you wouldn’t have failed your entrance exams;

3. She/He asked me if I had done anything so stupid before;

4. She might not want to apologise for her unacceptable behaviour the other day;

5. Sue is going to get her plants watered while she is away;

6.  When I was a student I used to get up at 10 a.m.


1.  support

2. close

3. blame

 4. polite

5. pleased

6. relationship

Reading Test

Task 1: 1 D; / 2 A; / 3 E; / 4 B; / 5 F; / extra summary: C

Task 2: 1 not stated; / 2 F; / 3 T; / 4 F; / 5 F

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