Dest B2 WF Revision 1

Exercise 4. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line.

1. She’d *** the appointment without telling me. [ARRANGE]
2. All of the *** have been made in advance. [ARRANGE]
3. Her *** was a complete surprise. [ARRIVE]
4. The party needs a new leader with a *** of vision that can persuade others to change. [BROAD]
5. Spending a year working in the city helped to *** his horizons. [BROAD]
6. The custom is deeply rooted in the religious and *** heritage of the region. [CULTURE]
7. The two cities are *** very similar. [CULTURE]
8. Sempaio is a highly *** lawyer with a love of classical music. [CULTURE]
9. If you describe someone as ***, you are critical of them because they do not seem to know much about art, literature, and other cultural topics.[CULTURE]
10. She seems to wear something *** every day. [DIFFER]
11. There is a vast *** between daytime and nighttime temperatures in the desert. [DIFFER]
12. The male bird has a *** shaped head. [DIFFER]
13. The building collapsed as an *** result of the heavy rain. [DIRECT]
14. The road was blocked in both ***. [DIRECT]
15. He became associate *** of California Ballet in 1983. [DIRECT]
16. She looked *** at us. [DIRECT]
17. The disease can be spread directly or ***. [DIRECT]
18. Somewhere, ***, he could hear the sound of the sea. [DISTANT]
19. The beach is within walking *** of my house (= you can walk there easily). [DISTANT]
20. A fanfare signalled the *** of the king. [ENTER]
21. The island’s earliest *** came from India. [INHABIT]
22. It’s a bit of trick *** — she’s meant to look like she’s walking on water. [PHOTOGRAPH]
23. They had hired another *** for the wedding. [PHOTOGRAPH]
24. The software allows you to scan *** images on your personal computer. [PHOTOGRAPH]
25. He was *** without his beard. [RECOGNISE]
26. After so many years she was still instantly ***. [RECOGNISE]
27. He looked up, glanced at them without ***, and went on his way. [RECOGNISE]
28. It said in the *** that a train was due at 5.30. [TIME]
29. The town survives mainly through ***. [TOUR]
30. The high level of crime is frightening away ***. [TOUR]
31. The story has attracted *** attention. [WORLD]
32. The court will *** evidence obtained through torture. [ALLOW]
33. Do you get an *** for clothing? [ALLOW]
34. What is the maximum *** number of users on the network? [ALLOW]
35. I wish to *** myself from this very sad decision… [ASSOCIATE]
36. We are working in *** with several charities. [ASSOCIATE]
37. She was prepared to take on the job, with all its *** risks. [ASSOCIATE]
38. The *** on the track looked fierce and her heart sank. [COMPETE]
39. Herbert Blocker of Germany, one of the oldest ***, won the individual silver medal. [COMPETE]
40. He has always been ambitious and fiercely ***… [COMPETE]
41. Children seem to have lost their *** in reading. [ENJOY]
42. It was much more *** than I had expected. [ENJOY]
43. A lot of money was spent on the **** of the new hospital. [EQUIP]
44. The trawler was *** with masses of electronic devices.[EQUIP]
45. She seemed to enjoy the *** of others… [FORTUNE]
46. I was late, but *** the meeting hadn’t started. [FORTUNE]
47. ***, I won’t be able to attend the meeting. [FORTUNE]
48. She’s got some very *** things to say on the subject. [INTEREST]
49. Children’s books used to be drab and ***. [INTEREST]
50. The details of the scandal are now common *** (= familiar to most people). [KNOW]
51. We employ friendly and *** staff.= well-informed [KNOW]
52. They just clung to each other like two *** souls. [LOSE]
53. The allies suffered less than 20 casualties while enemy *** were said to be high. [LOSE]
54. The window had been replaced last week during routine ***. [MAINTAIN]
55. She’s a bronze *** in judo. [MEDAL]
56. A *** in Hughes Hall portrays her with short hair, an aquiline nose, and a determined chin. [MEDAL]
57. The Conservative Party is now in ***. [OPPOSE]
58. As a man he was greatly respected, even by his political ***. [OPPOSE]
59. It’s not easy having a relationship when you live at *** ends of the country. [OPPOSE]
60. Light’ is the *** of ‘heavy’. [OPPOSE]
61. Bobbie and Jo have *** views on marriage. [OPPOSE]
62. He *** as a lawyer for many years. [PRACTICE]
63. It’s all very well knowing things in theory but what you need to gain is *** experience. [PRACTICE]
64. The weight of the machine makes lifting it ***. [PRACTICE]
65. The theatre was *** empty. [PRACTICE]
66. Mark used to be an actor but now he’s *** as a teacher. [TRAIN]
67. Her *** is a triple Olympic champion. [TRAIN]

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