Form 10 Unit 5 Art Vocabulary

Интерактивные упражнения на тренировку лексики по теме «Art » к Unit 5 учебника для 10 класса авторов Юхнель Н. В. и др. Лексика к этому разделу не трудная, но нужно помнить о том, что есть ученики, для которых любая лексика представляет сложность.

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Vocabulary Test

Fill in the following words to make the sentences complete:


abstract art artists audience background banned communicates content depression design emotional etching exhibition express expression functional graffiti illegal impression infected influence installation intention interprets photography portrays sculptures statue therapy visual

1. An ____________ is a picture made by printing from an etched metal plate.
2. The children aren’t allowed to watch movies with violent ____________. [=movies in which violent things happen]
3. Goya was one of the first painters to look for a wider ____________ for his work.
4. In art, how can you represent ____________ notions such as peace or justice?
5. She appreciates the ____________ arts such as painting and film.
6. The ____________ of a new computer system will take about a week.
7. Landscape ____________ is her hobby.
8. The walls of the old building are covered with ____________.
9. A bronze ____________ was erected in his honour.
10. Local artists were asked to create ____________ for the garden.
11. I love the sculpture’s ____________.
12. His book ____________ [=conveys] the harsh realities of war.
13. Just in the past year, the party has ____________ dozens of books and closed numerous publishing houses.
14. Her kindness left a lasting ____________ on her students.
15. He said he loved her, but he actually had no ____________ of marrying her. [=he did not intend to marry her]
16. I cannot ____________ to you how grateful I am.
17. Dance is a form of artistic/creative ____________.
18. Every actor ____________ the role of Hamlet a little differently.
19. She has been undergoing treatment for severe/deep ____________.
20. He is undergoing cancer ____________.
21. The building’s design is not only ____________ but also beautiful.
22. Ann suffered from depression and a number of other ____________ problems.
23. She has ____________ everyone with her enthusiasm. [=her enthusiasm has made other people feel enthusiastic too]
24. The wedding cake was a real work of ____________.
25. Paintings by contemporary ____________ covered the walls.
26. The painting ____________ the queen in a purple robe.
27. Objects in the foreground are drawn larger than those in the ____________.
28. There were several famous paintings at the ____________.
29. Emily Dickinson has had a major ____________ on his poetry.
30. It is ____________ to sell tobacco to someone under 16.

Check yourself with the key.

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