Dо you speak English?

Это видео напомнило мне анекдот о том, как два кума стояли на Дерибасовской. Попробовала записать разговор, возможно, не всё правильно, не так просто понять тех, кто не говорит по-английски). 

— Excuse me! Excuse me. Sorry. Do you speak English?

— No, I don’t. Sorry.

— My саr’s broken down. And I wonder if you could tell me where to find a garage.

— Well, you know… that’s wasted on me. I don’t… I don’t understand what you’re saying.

— You don’t speak English at all?

— Not a word. No. This is one of these things where I wish I’d paid more attention at school. Excuse me, excuse me… Do you speak any English?

— English? No. What’s the problem?

— I don’t know how I can understand it.

— Hi!  My саr’s broken down. And I need to find a garage.

— No, I’m so sorry. I don’t understand it at all.

— All right… Well… Thanks.

— If you go down that way, about half a mile there’s a village, there might be someone there who speaks English.

Дальше разговор переходит на немецкий. Вы говорите по-немецки? Нет, может быть одно-два слова.

В конце:

— I’m so sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

— Sorry about that. You never know. Next time you’re over we’ll learn a bit of English for you.

— I can speak English!

– So can I!

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