Two’s company, three’s a crowd

Немного интересной лексики по теме Collective nouns.


group several people together in the same place: A group of boys stood by the school gate. | Arrange yourselves in groups of three.
crowd a large group of people who have come to a place to do something: There were crowds of shoppers in the streets. | The crowd all cheered.
mob a large, noisy, and perhaps violent crowd: An angry mob of demonstrators approached.
mass a large group of people all close together in one place, so that they seem like a single thing: The square in front of the station was a solid mass of people.
bunch informal a group of people who are all similar in some way: They’re a nice bunch of kids.
gang a group of young people, especially a group that often causes trouble and fights: He was attacked by a gang of youths.
rabble a noisy group of people who are behaving badly: He was met by a rabble of noisy angry youths.
horde a very large group of people who all go somewhere: In summer hordes of tourists flock to the island. | There were hordes of people coming out of the subway.
crew a group of people who all work together, especially on a ship or plane: the ship’s crew | The flight crew will serve drinks shortly.
party a group of people who are travelling or working together: A party of tourists stood at the entrance to the temple

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