Form 10 Unit 9 Personal News

Набор интерактивных упражнений к заключительному, Unit 9, разделу учебника English 10 авторов Юхнель, Наумовой, Демченко.

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Form 10 Unit 9 Personal News Verbs with Prepositions

Ex.1 Find appropriate prepositions:

be used of
prevent with
object against
decide to
put up for
indulge on
think up
give of
forgive from
approve on
thank up
keep in
pile for
warn to
congratulate against


be used to
prevent from
object to
decide against
put up with
indulge in
think of
give up
forgive for
approve of
thank for
keep on
pile up
warn against
congratulate on

Ex.2 . Fill in the gaps with the verbs from your active vocabulary. Change tense forms if necessary:

  1. We’re *** to tourists here — we get thousands every year.
  2. Fierce winds *** the race from taking place.
  3. I don’t *** to a cup of coffee.
  4. In the end we *** against the house because it was too small.
  5. I will not *** up with your bad behaviour any longer!
  6. He *** himself in the pleasure of a day spent entirely at the beach.
  7. He *** of sending an e-mail but decided against it.
  8. After ten minutes trying to get the answer I *** up.
  9. He *** his brother for breaking the window.
  10. He doesn’t *** of smoking.
  11. We *** our hosts for the lovely evening.
  12. He talked and talked. At one point I thought he would *** on all night.
  13. The work has a tendency to *** up if I’m not careful.
  14. Her financial adviser *** her against such a risky investment.
  15. She *** him on the birth of his son…

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