Задания дистанционной олимпиады 10 класс

Final total: 56

Time: 60 minutes

 Задания для дистанционной олимпиады по английскому языку 10 класс

I.   Open the brackets putting the verbs in the appropriate tense-form:

  A. Will Kelogg, famous for Kelogg’s cornflakes, (take)___ out of school at thirteen because the (be)___ a slow learner. Since he (fail)____ as a salesman, his brother, a doctor, (give) ____ him a job in his hospital. He (to shine) ___ shoes for ten years when a fortunate baking accident in the hospital kitchen (give) ___ him an idea for Kelogg’s cornflakes. This breakfast cereal (become)___ one of the most successful business ideas of this century.

  B. Mrs. Winifred Weave (involve) ___ in politics ever since she (be) ___ a student. She (go) ___ to Hull University, where she (study) ___ agriculture. She (have) ___ a distinguished career in politics and (represent) ___her constituency for 30 years.

For the past few months she (write) ___ her memoirs, although she insists her political career (not/finish) ___ yet.

15 points

II.   Finish the second sentence in each case so that it means the same as the sentence before it:

1.  Let’s stay here for another week.

I suggest _________________________________________________

2.  You should consult the doctor.

It’s about time _____________________________________________

3.  I’m not very keen on going toBlackpoolthis year.

I’d rather _________________________________________________

4.1 would like you to help me put the chairs out.

Do you mind  _____________________________________________

5.  You needn’t come if you don’t want to.


6. You must see the manager tomorrow morning.

You’ve ____________________________________________________

7.  He would sit in the university library for hours when he was a student.
He _____________________________________________________

8.1 saw a man. He was locking the door.

I saw ____________________________________________________

8 points

III. Insert the correct article:

…… soil is …….. invaluable natural resource. It provides ……. raw materials for the plants

on which we depend for ……. food. …….. soil and ……..  living organisms of a region are

interdependent. On …….__ one hand, …….  soil is affected by …….. flora and fauna of the region.

On …….. other hand, ……… type of soil determines ……….. flora and fauna of the region.

12×0,5=6 points

IV. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentence:

1.  Placido Domingo gave a wonderful performance, ……… a slight cold.

A) although                   B) despite                            C) in case of                     D) except

2.  If you don’t know what the word means, look it ………in the dictionary.

A) out                              B) over                                 C) up                                   D) through

3.  I phoned …….. I got the telegram.

A) soon as                      B) so soon                       C) no sooner                        D) as soon as

4.  …….. we use most of the world’s fresh water for agriculture only 20 per cent of it reach the crops.

A) despite                      B) even though                   C) in spite of                 D) however

5. The police have promised to look …… the problem.

A) at                               B) up                                     C) into                                D) after

6.  I liked the film…….. but then I got bored.

A) first                            B) firstly                             C) at first                         D) first of all

7.  We argued for a while. …….. we decided to go by plane.

A) On end                        B) In the end                        C) At the end                   D) In end

8.  I’ll take you to the taxi-rank …….. you prefer to catch a bus into town.

A) in case                         B) if                                     C) until                             D) unless

8 points

V.    Fill in the gaps with the suitable derivatives of the word given in capitals on the right:

  1. Black-and-white films are ___ nowadays.  FASHION
  2. We walked about the city for a long time. ___we felt tired.  AFTER
  3. At the beginning of the book he is___ married.  HAPPY
  4. Tennis players require mental ___ to win matches.  STRONG
  5. He is a very___ carpenter.   SKILLS
  6. I am interested in the job and would be grateful if you would send me an___ form.  APPLY
  7. We cannot wash the car because of the water ___.  SHORT
  8. Basically, the car is ___ because there is almost nothing   which can go wrong.  RELY

8 points

VI.    Write the following dialogue in indirect speech using the reporting verbs from the box below:

explain (1)    agree (2)    complain (1)    offer (2)    promise (1) tell(1)    say(1)    advise (1)

Mr.  Allen :  Waiter, this wine tastes sour. Try it.

Waiter:  Hm. Yes, it is a bit strange. We changed our suppliers last month  and we have had a few complaints since then.  Shall I bring you another bottle?

Mr.  Allen: I’d rather have beer.

Waiter:  Would you like to try a different label, sir? We won’t charge you if  you don’t like it.

Mr. Allen:  All right. But you had better change your suppliers, or you’ll have a lot of dissatisfied customers.                                                                        

 10 points

 VII. Identify the underlined part which is not correct by circling the letter:

1.  If motorists do not observe(А) the traffic regulation they will be   stopped(B), ticketed(C), and have to pay a fine.(D)

2.  Mice have a keen(A) sense of(B) smell(C) and quickly detect a approaching danger(D).

3. Poor soils containing an excessive(A) proportion of clay are frequent(B)  mixed(C) with chalk to improve(D) the texture.

4. The Earth was once inhabited (A)by plants and animals of which(B) today there is(C)  none(D) living trace.

5. Some of the people(A) were standing(B) in the street watched(C) the  parade, while others were singing(D) songs.

6.  His father does not(A) approve of him to go(B) to the banquet without  dressing(C)  formally.(D)

7.  George hasnt(A) completed(B)  the assignment(C) yet, and Maria hasn’t neither.(D)              

7 points

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