Разбор заданий А43-А48 1 варианта 3 этапа РТ 2011/2012

Разбор заданий А43-А48 1 варианта 3 этапа РТ 2011/2012


invigorating оздоровительный, укрепляющий
unspoilt неиспорченный
generate производить, генерировать
tuck smb up подоткнуть кому-либо одеяло
roaring шумный, громкий, гудящий (об огне)
pressurize оказывать давление, нажим
novelty новизна
wear off to gradually decrease, disappear, or stop
the novelty wears off if the novelty wears off, something that was new and interesting for a short time is no longer interesting
(the) bustle cуматоха, суета, шумиха
agitated взволнованный, возбуждённый; обеспокоенный
can’t stand = hate
nightmare кошмар
cоme down (разг.) приехать из центра на периферию, откуда-то домой
wasp оса
half-hearted равнодушный, незаинтересованный; лишённый энтузиазма; вялый
tease дразнить; поддразнивать
unmercifully  If you do something unmercifully, you do it a lot, showing no pity-беспощадно, безжалостно
relief облегчение
hardpacked слежавшийся
slope cклон
to team объединяться
head for направляться; держать курс (куда-л.)
pounding сильно биться, колотиться (о сердце)
foolhardy безрассудно храбрый; отчаянный; любящий ненужный риск
weeping плачущий

Прочитайте тексты. Ответьте на вопросы. В бланке ответов поставьте метку (х) в клеточке, соответствующей номеру текста, отвечающему на вопрос. 

1. Bill Bryson, Travel writer: The happiest holiday I ever had was onLundyIsland with my wife and three children. It is run by the Landmark Trust, and unspoilt. There are no towns or shops and nothing to do but go for invigorating walks and look for puffins (тупик (птица)). The island generates its own electricity which is turned off at 10 o’clock at night. Having tucked the children up in bed, we would build a roaring fire in our little cottage and read by the firelight, it was perfect.

2. Nairn Attallah, Publisher: I hardly ever take holidays but fourteen years ago I was pressurised into going to the Costa Smeralda with my wife and son. I enjoyed the first day: I hired a boat, sat in the sun for about twenty minutes and had tea on the veranda. By the second the novelty of doing nothing had worn off. I love the bustle of towns and my excitement comes from working. I can’t stand people who appear lazy. All I could see were people sitting and frying in the sun. I got very agitated: the holiday was turning into a nightmare and we went home immediately. My wife and son were not upset because they know my nature.

3. Quentin Crisp, Writer All my childhood holidays were nightmares. My family had a cottage nearHastings on the south coast where we went year after year, and it was absolute hell. I went for the whole summer with my mother and brothers and sisters. My father came down for two weeks: he hated everything. It was no holiday for my mother. She had to cut sandwiches for us all and carry them to the beach. There were wasps everywhere and sand in everything. I can’t understand why we didn’t eat at home and then go and sit on the beach. I pretended I loved the seaside because I wanted to be like other people, but I never succeeded. I got on with my brothers and sisters in a half-hearted way, but they teased me unmercifully. We went on jolly outings when it wasn’t raining. I’m no good at sport and I can’t ride a bike. When I was eleven the cottage was sold and we stopped going, which was a great relief to me.

4. Maureen Lipman, Actress: This year my husband Jack and I went skiing inSwitzerland with the actress Julia МсКеnzie and her husband Gerry. Although the holiday was a laugh, the skiing part was a nightmare. It probably wasn’t the best time to team: it was April and there wasn’t much snow, just lots of hardpacked ice. Jack refused to go near the slopes, Gerry could ski a bit and went into the big boys’ class, Julia and I started on the nursery slopes. Julia kept skiing into a fence. I had to pick her up, which is not easy when you’re over forty and have big wooden things on your feet. After she had fallen several times, Julia gave up and headed for the restaurant. I was more foolhardy, and went up the mountain with the rest of the class. Our instructor told us to ski down. After a couple of zig-zags my heart was pounding. I took off my skis and said, «I’m walking». It took me an hour and a half to get down. I reached a farm and was attacked by three dogs. By the time someone came to call them off, I was terrified and weeping. When I reached the bottom I could hardly speak.


A43. dislikes the idea of relaxing?
A44. appreciated the simple life?
A45. was forced to repeat the same experience in following years?
A46. was a victim of unfriendly animals?
A47. had a parent whose feelings about the place were similar?
A48. received understanding from family members?

Читая текст, нам нужно сконцентрировать своё внимание на лексике,  которая передаёт настроение или мнение автора.

Читайте тексты с карандашом в руке, подчёркивая слова и фразы, которые служат для передачи настроения.

1 текст: the happiest holiday , unspoilt, no towns or shops, nothing to do,  its own electricity,  is turned off at 10 o’clock at night, perfect.

Автор доволен отдыхом, место спокойное, минимум развлечений и удобств — simple life. Соответственно A44-1.

2 текст: was pressurised, love the bustle of towns, the novelty had worn off, excitement comes from working, agitated, a nightmare, not upset.

Человек — трудоголик, его вынуждают отдыхать. Его семья знает об этой его черте характера и не огорчается прерыванию отдыха. А43-2,  А48 — 2.

3 текст: all my childhood, year after year, nightmares, absolute hell, no holiday for mother, she had to, pretended, never succeeded, teased, great relief.

Всё детство автор ездил в одно и то же место, которое вспоминает как кошмар и  ад. Для мамы отдых не был отдыхом из-за необходимости кормить семью,  нарезая сэндвичи. A45-3, A47 -3.

4 текст: nightmare, wasn’t the best time,  attacked by three dogs, was terrified and weeping,  could hardly speak.

Автора напугали собаки. А46 — 4.

PS: Надеюсь, Вы не приняли слово wasps в 3 тексте за страшных животных, которые мешали отдыху? Это насекомые.


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