Темы устных высказываний 10 класс, областная олимпиада 2011/2012


1. Describe the book that influenced you most and explain why.

Have you got many books at home?
What helps you to choose a book for reading?
Who is your favourite Belarusian/Russian/English/American writer?
What characters from his/her books do you remember?

2. Choices in a family should be made by the parents and not by children.

Which do you think is better: to be an only child or to have brothers and sisters?
Do you spend much time together with your family?
Do your parents always understand you?
What does it mean «to love one’s child»?

3. Describe a person that motivated you most and explain why.

Нave you ever talked to a well-known person?
Who do you think can be called an outstanding person?
What famous public figures of Belarus do you know?
Would you like to be popular and famous?

4. Why is it necessary to remember that repetition is the mother of learning?

How do you prepare for your tests at school?
Do you agree it is only possible to master a foreign language by learning lots of things by heart?
Is it always necessary to understand what you learn?
Do you have a good memory for figures and dates?

5. Practice makes perfect. Do you follow this proverb in your studies?

Can you think of an example when practice and hard work helped a person achieve his ambitions?
Can we do without revision?
What kind of people achieve better results in learning: those who have natural abilities or those who work harder?
What part of the language requires a great deal of practice?

6.  Speak about the things that usually make you feel happy.

Do you believe in bad luck?
What are the three wishes you’d like to come true?
Can you remember any amusing things that have happened to you?
What is «happiness» in your view?

7. False friends are worse than open enemies.

Do you remember any difficult situation that your friend helped you to overcome?
What is your best friend like?
What makes people become friends?
Do you choose friends?

8. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

Is reading books important in modern life or can it be substituted by TV, computers?
What kind of books do you prefer?
What kind of book would you take on a long journey?
Do you have the same tastes in books as your friends?

9. Imagine a day in your life ten years from now. What do you hope it will he like?

What can you recommend a person who is always busy?
Is there in your working day that annoys you?
Do you always plan your day beforehand?
How do the Belarusians usually spend their spare time?

10. An early riser is sure to be in luck. Do you agree?

How important is it to plan your-day?
Do you have enough time for work and rest?
What are your household chores (duties)?
Do you make plans for your week-ends in advance?

11. What hobbies are typical of the people of your age?

What are your relatives’ hobbies?
Have you ever come across a very strange hobby?
Is it necessary to learn how to make things with your own hands?
What hobby would you like to have in addition to your present one?

12. A man’s home is a reflection of his personality. Is it true for your house?

What do you do when you are tidying up your room?
Do you help your mother with housework every day?
Can you make a meal?
Have you ever decorated your room/house yourself?

13. What is the ideal place for you to live in? Why?

What is your hometown famous for?
What can you say about the geographical position of your hometown?
What do you like in your country that you won’t find anywhere?
Are you a home-lover? Do you spend most of your free time at home?

14. He who knows how to work, knows how to rest.

Do you always do everything in time?
What things do you do most willingly?
Are there any traditions of holiday-making in your family?
What do you prefer lo do when you stay at home over the week-end?

15. What modern inventions do you appreciate most of all? Why?

What is the role of science in modern society?
What do you think about computer games’?
What does new technology enable people to do without leaving their homes?
What appliances help you do your household chores?

16. Do you think that your diet is healthier than that of your friends’?

How important are good eating habits for a person?
Do you believe in the effect of diets for keeping fit?
Do you think morning exercises enable you to do better?
What sport facilities do you have in your school?

17. Different works of art have been created to please the eye and to excite our emotions. Which form of art is your favourite?

Is there a theatre where you live?
Are you fond of painting?
What kind of music do you prefer? Why?
Who is your favourite actor (singer, artist, composer)?

18. People ought to think of this planet as their home.

Who must take care of nature?
What causes air pollution in cities?
What is the ecological situation where you live like?
What do you do to protect nature?

19. What traits of character help realize a person’s talent in your opinion?

What should you do to achieve your ambitions?
What is more important for success: to have natural abilities or to work hard?
Can you learn a foreign language in a day?
What do you do to achieve the aim of your life?

20. Imagine that you are showing your family album to an English-speaking friend.

Do you have secrets from your parents?
Do children take after their parents?
What is the role of the family in the life of a person?
What should be done to avoid misunderstanding in the family?

21. Do you agree that the best way to have a friend is to be one?

What features do you value most in people?
Has your friend ever disappointed or deceived you?
Can you rely on your friend?
Do you think it’s good to have many friends?

22. There are outstanding people in all countries, aren’t there?

Have you ever talked to a well-known person?
Who do you think can be called an outstanding person?
What famous public figures of Belarus do you know?
Would you like to be popular and famous?

23. Sports and healthy dieting have become popular with many young people

What sport facilities, do you have in your school?
Do you think morning exercises enable you to do better?
How important are good eating habits for a person?
Do you believe in the effect of diets for keeping fit?

24. When I think of Belarus, I immediately think of.

What places in Belarus are most beautiful?
Are there any traditional cultural or sport events that are held in your native town?
What is Belarus unique in?
What places in Belarus remind you of outstanding people of the country?

25. Imagine that you have an opportunity to make up a television program about art. What is it going to be about?

What kind of performances/films do you prefer: tragedies, comedies or detective stories?
What creations of people can be called masterpieces?
What world famous museums or picture galleries do you know?
What artists, actors or playwrights can our country be proud of?

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