Аудирование 10 класс область 2011/2012



You will hear an interview with a man called Daren Howarth, who works as a carbon coach. For questions 1-10, complete the sentences.

1) Daren says that a carbon coach works full-time as a _______with various clients.
2) Before    becoming   a   carbon    coach,    Daren   trained   to be   an ……
3) When assessing a family’s carbon footprint, Daren looks first at their …….
4) Daren uses what’s called a_________________to see how much electricity things use.
5) Daren points out that______will help pay for roof insulation.
6) Daren feels that using ______of the old type is the worst waste of energy he sees.
7) Daren helped to reduce a band’s carbon footprint at______  as well as on its CDs.
8) Daren mentions a new type of green home called an ______.
9) The new green home uses both the sun and ______ to produce electricity.
10) Daren suggests buying a ______ which gives more information about the new green home.


You will hear people talking in ten different situations. For questions 1-10 choose the best answer (А, В or C) and rewrite the answer in the space provided.

1) You hear the weather forecast on the radio. What will the weather be like on Sunday?
A windier than on Saturday
В colder than on Saturday
С rainier than on Saturday

2) You hear a character talking in a soap opera. Who is he talking to?
A his boss
В his wife
С his trainer

3) You hear an advertisement. What is being advertised?
A a shop
В a publication
С a TV programme

4) You hear part of a radio play. How does the woman feel?
A nervous about something
В guilty about something
С bored by something

5) You hear part of a programme on the subject of fashion. What is the presenter’s purpose?
A to criticise certain attitudes
В to complain about something
С to recommend something to us

6) You hear an announcement about a future wildlife event. How will the event help the protection of wildlife?
A by raising money
В by informing the public
С by recruiting volunteers

7) You overhear a family discussion about computer games. Why does the young man like them?
A They help him to relax after work.
В They remind him of his childhood.
С They make him more self-confident.

8) You hear part of a talk by a man who works for a tourist company. What is his role in the company?
A He trains the guides.
В He chooses the destinations.
С He designs the advertisements.

9) You overhear two people talking about a film. Why didn’t the man enjoy it?
A He was distracted by noise.
В His seat was uncomfortable.
С The sound volume was too low.

10) You hear a woman talking about running in a marathon. Why did she decide
A She knew it would be good for her level of fitness,
B She’d been wanting to do it since her schooldays.
C She was too embarrassed lo refuse to do it.

Script TEXT 1

Interviewer: Tonight my guest is Daren Howarth who works as a carbon coach. What exactly does that mean Daren?

Daren Howarth: Well, most people know about global warming and would like to do something to reduce the amount of carbon they send out into the atmosphere, but they don’t always know the best way of doing this. What I do as a carbon coach is give them advice about how to achieve environmentally friendly living. I’m now a full-time consultant and my clients include both companies and private individuals.

Interviewer: What made you decide to become a carbon coach?

Daren Howarth: Well it all started about fifteen years ago. I’d always been interested in energy-saving and the environment and I trained as an ecologist. At that time, people were talking about very technical things like greenhouse gas emissions, then someone came up with the term ‘carbon footprint’, which is much easier for people to understand.

Interviewer: And you can tell ordinary families what their carbon footprint is, can’t you?

Daren Howarth: That’s right. I work out how much carbon dioxide the family’s generated over a year; firstly by studying their bills, then finding out how much waste they produce, how much they use the car, and so on. Adding together all these figures, I calculate their total carbon footprint in tonnes of carbon dioxide. Then I take a look around their home and suggest ways of reducing their carbon footprint.

Interviewer: How do you work out how much carbon each machine around the house emits?

Daren Howarth: By switching off all the things that use electricity, then turning each one on one at a time, you can see the amount of energy each one uses. I use something known as a ‘carbon meter’ which measures the amount of electricity being used in the house at any one time. It also shows how much carbon dioxide this represents.

Interviewer: What’s the least energy efficient thing you’ve seen in homes?

Daren Howarth: I go into so many places where I look in the roof and there’s no insulation, so there’s nothing stopping all the heat just going straight out into the outside air. Insulation massively reduces your carbon footprint; it’s cheap and the government will help with the cost of it.

Interviewer: So is that the worst thing?

Daren Howarth: Well, central heating systems can be very inefficient and people иье things like electric knives and mixers which are unnecessary, but the thing 1 really can’t stand is when people are still using old-fashioned light bulbs. People can’t resist them because they’re so cheap, but up to ninety percent of the energy they produce is lost as heat. If you have one, put it in a box and smash it up, so no one else can use it

Interviewer: What other type of clients do you have?

Daren llowarth: We work with both individuals and businesses — and even some celebrities, such as the band Supergrass. For one of their albums about three years ago, the band decided to minimise their carbon footprint at their concerts and then also cut the amount of carbon produced when making a CD. The carbon footprint for a disc is just a few grams, but a big band like Supergrass will produce thousands of copies, which means several tonnes of carbon. Interviewer: And what are your plans for the future?

Daren Howarth: I’m working hard on introducing a really green type of home in this country known as an Earthship. It’s a building that creates its own energy, heats and cools itself, collects its own water and deals with its own waste. It’s also built from recycled materials. It doesn’t need electricity or gas for heating, as it captures and stores energy by using wind power, and solar panels on the roof charge up batteries which provide power. Intei-viewer: Any disadavantages?

Daren Howarth: You have to change your lifestyle and keep an eye on changes in the weather. There are thousands of examples around the world and there’s a handbook on sale that explains everything about it — you’ll find the details on my website — and it’s something you can do for yourself — you don’t have to employ someone to do the work for you.

Interviewer: Well Daren thanks for telling us about carbon footprints and how we can all…

Script TEXT 2

1) And now the weather for the weekend. I’m afraid it’s not good news for sports enthusiasts. After a cloudy and rather windy Saturday morning, there’s a risk of showers in the afternoon, which will turn heavier and stav with us for the whole of
The temperatures will remain stable but low for this time of year, at no more than 10 degrees centigrade on Saturday, rising slightly on Sunday afternoon. There will be moderate south-west winds throughout the weekend, but they should die down by Sunday evening. That’s the weather for the weekend. I’m Mark Schapiro at the Midlands Weather Centre.

2) I’m not sure what I’ve done to my arm. This muscle really hurts and I can’t do the simplest of things, not even the washing-up at home! It might have happened at the office when I tried to lift some heavy boxes, but, more likely, I may have overdone things with the weights, everyone seems so fit here, but of course I’ve only been doing regular exercise for a couple of months. I’d really appreciatу it if you could chance my workout programme to make it a bit lighter. It’s such a busy time at work I can’t risk having to miss a day again.

3) Do you find it difficult to follow a recipe in a cookery book? Sam Gordon, the famous cook and writer, will teach you how to cook even if you’ve never as much as fried an egg. He’ll guide you through basic preparation techniques which you’ll be able to follow in your own kitchen, step by step, and if you get into trouble, you’II be able to phone the studio live. Sam says he can guarantee that you’ll be so enthusiastic about cooking after his lessons that he’ll haye you dashing out to the nearest book store to buy his recipe collection!

4) We’ve been talking about Jane’s problems all morning, and I don’t think it helps in the least. It doesn’t help Jane, or you, or me. In fact, I find this rather painful, because it just proves that something should’ve been done about it years ago. It would’ve been possible to help her then, but I chose to do nothing. I think I was feeling tired, fed up with the whole situation, which was the same, day after day after day. Anyway, I think you should try and relax and find yourself an activity that’ll take your mind off the problem.

5) When you buy a fashion magazine, do you ask yourself why you see nothing but photos of models wearing the sort of clothes that you’ll never be able to afford? If what you want is to wear that look that’ll turn people’s heads in the street and make you look like a model on the catwalk, without paying the earth, then look no further than Fashion Crazy. This is a great weekly: inspiring fashion and an expert look at the latest designer collections — what to wear and what fashion disasters to avoid at any cost!

6) The Society for the Protection of Forest Wildlife will be holding its monthly meeting in the Town Hall on Saturday. Harry Foster, the director, will be giving a presentation on the latest achievements of the Society in the preservation of endangered bird species. This is a chance not just for members of the Society but for the general public to hear how the money is being spent. To do its work, the Society relies on financial contributions from the government and also on the generous support of the public who have helped to plant hundreds of new trees to improve the forest habitat.

7) F:     Why don’t you play a proper game in the open air instead of computer games?

M: You don’t understand. I never enjoyed sport as a kid, I found games awfully stressful. I always knew I was going to lose — I wasn’t a very competitive type. Instead, with computer games I know I can win if I put my mind to it, or I can
always go back and find out why I lost. Computer games are having this amazing effect on me, and they’ve even helped in my attitude_to work. I can face up to stressful situations in a way I couldn’t in the past.  



1. consultant

2. ecologist

3. bills

4. carbon meter

5. the government

6. light bulbs

7. its/their concerts

8. Earthship

9. the wind power



Text 2

  1. C
  2. C
  3. C
  4. B
  5. С
  6. B
  7. C
  8. C
  9. A
  10. C

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