Dest B2 WF Revision 2

Dest B2 WF Revision 2

Exercise 8. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line.

  1. The judge asked the jury if they found the *** guilty or not guilty. [ACCUSE]
  2. I tried to contact him but was *** to. [ABLE]
  3. You shouldn’t make any wild *** if you’re not absolutely sure that Wilkins stole the money. [ACCUSE]
  4. He does not possess the necessary academic *** to study law. [ABLE]
  5. I tried to give up smoking several times before I realized I was ***. [ADDICT]
  6. The problem with video games is that they’re ***. [ADDICT]
  7. She has shown an *** to concentrate. [ABLE]
  8. He is now fighting his *** to alcohol. [ADDICT]
  9. It makes sense *** as well as economically. [POLITICS]
  10. Are you accusing me of ***? [HONEST]
  11. How would *** people escape in an emergency? [ABLE]
  12. Anderson faces up to 24 years in prison if ***. [CONVICT]
  13. She is deaf, but refuses to let her *** prevent her from doing what she wants to do. [ABLE]
  14. He appealed against his *** for murder. [CONVICT]
  15. He argued *** and persuasively against capital punishment. [POWER]
  16. His performance of Hamlet was his crowning ***. [ACHIEVE]
  17. Society does not know how to deal with hardened ***. [CRIME]
  18. He was an effective enough ***, but he had no ambition to become party leader. [POLITICS]
  19. For a long time it was thought to be a harmless substance, but we now have *** to the contrary. [EVIDENT]
  20. He’s a *** good squash player. [RELATE]
  21. An official *** concluded that 9 000 people were killed or went missing during that period. [INVESTIGATE]
  22. The villagers are *** against the armed invaders. [POWER]
  23. My son’s planning to go into ***. [JOURNAL]
  24. Her *** isn’t good with her father, but she’s very close to her mother. [RELATE]
  25. She was unable, or ***, to give me any further details. [WILLING]
  26. She’s the most *** person in the organization. [POWER]
  27. The children had an *** about/over what game to play. [ARGUE]
  28. She *** dresses for comfort and not for style. [EVIDENT]
  29. Everyone in the family was ***. [ARGUE]
  30. These banknotes are ***. [FORGE]
  31. The government has refused to allow foreign *** into the area for several weeks. [JOURNAL]
  32. Be *** with that vase — it’s very fragile. [CARE]
  33. I don’t like him, and it would be *** of me to pretend otherwise. [HONEST]
  34. His *** career ended when he was found to have been accepting bribes. [POLITICS]
  35. Drive *** on those icy roads. [CARE]
  36. Her uncle takes a *** interest in her progress. [PERSON]
  37. He stood up out of *** and offered her his seat. [POLITE]
  38. «You played brilliantly in the concert.» «Oh thanks, do you *** think so?» [HONEST]
  39. The President is *** to appoint judges to the Supreme Court. [POWER]
  40. An *** commission was set up immediately after the incident. [INVESTIGATE]
  41. The *** soldier was given cleanup duty. [OBEY]
  42. He is known for his tireless and *** work with disadvantaged children. [CARE]
  43. The bishop criticized the government for its «callous, *** attitude» to the homeless and the unemployed. [CARE]
  44. An official *** concluded that 9 000 people were killed or went missing during that period. [INVESTIGATE]
  45. It was only later in life that she found *** and peace of mind. [HAPPY]
  46. Do I look *** in this hat? [RIDICULE]
  47. I would like to express my thanks for your ***. [KIND]
  48. She has a rather cold, *** manner. [FRIEND]
  49. Her *** with Jim lasted many years. [CORRESPOND]
  50. We’ve been *** married for five years. [HAPPY]
  51. It had been *** easy to track him down. [RIDICULE]
  52. When it comes to pollution, the chemical industry is a major ***. [OFFENCE]
  53. *** for the families said they were pleased with the decision. [LAW]
  54. I value her *** above anything else. [FRIEND]
  55. The sale of alcohol to minors is ***. [LAW]
  56. *** [=unfortunately], many of the passengers got seasick on the tour. [HAPPY]
  57. Do you think the police will ever catch her ***? [MURDER]
  58. We maintained contact with the mainland through radio ***. [COMMUNICATE]
  59. Don’t be so *** to your sister! [KIND]
  60. Dad paced *** around the waiting room. [NERVOUS]
  61. His comments were deeply *** to a large number of single mothers. [OFFENCE]
  62. He spoke *** of his friend’s success. [JEALOUS]
  63. Stella has very *** offered to help out with the food for the party. [KIND]
  64. Voters are surprisingly *** about the candidates’ positions on major issues. [INFORM]
  65. He tried to hide his ***. [NERVOUS]
  66. The kids are much better *** than I was at their age. [INFORM]
  67. Students are expected to be quiet and *** in the classroom. [OBEY]
  68. She shows a *** to work on her own initiative. [WILLING]
  69. Neil did not mean *** anybody with his joke. [OFFENCE]
  70. The plot is ***, but the characters aren’t very interesting. [BELIEF]
  71. He was taken *** by rebel soldiers. [PRISON]
  72. We have to make a decision based on the *** available. [INFORM]
  73. They were *** for possession of drugs. [PRISON]
  74. Public reaction to the announcement has been one of shock and ***. [BELIEF]
  75. Have you got any positive *** that she took the money? [PROVE]
  76. She just turned up *** on my doorstep. [ANNOUNCE]
  77. She was arrested for ***. [ROB]
  78. I found his argument pretty ***. [CONVINCE]
  79. The store was held up by a gang of ***. [ROB]
  80. The newspaper ran a hard-hitting *** criticizing the government’s economic policies. [EDIT]
  81. He felt *** about the idea of becoming a father. [SECURE]
  82. Her latest book is a *** look at teenage life. [HUMOUR]
  83. He gave her the emotional *** she needed. [SECURE]
  84. A *** snatched her handbag containing her wages. [THEFT]
  85. As witnesses to the accident, we were asked to make *** declarations of what we had seen. [WRITE]
  86. He wanted to delay the *** until after the holidays. [ANNOUNCE]
  87. The film is completely ***. [HUMOUR]
  88. They haven’t formally *** their engagement yet. [ANNOUNCE]
  89. It is difficult to confirm or *** the existence of such a group. [PROVE]
  90. He claims to have met the President, but I don’t *** him. [BELIEF]
  91. He was released after six months’ ***. [PRISON]
  92. He works *** hard. [BELIEF]
  93. It was an *** rule never to disturb Dad’s work. [WRITE]
  94. It was his skill as a *** which made the television programmes so successful. [COMMUNICATE]
  95. In some countries *** education is not universally available. [SECOND]
  96. She’s still *** that we’re wrong. [CONVINCE]
  97. There are two very good reasons why we can’t do it. Firstly, we don’t have enough money, and ***, we don’t have enough time. [SECOND]
  98. They have been *** with us about their plans. [=they have not told us about their plans] [COMMUNICATE]
  99. The situation is still ***, with many of the rebels roaming the streets. [SECURE]

Note: the exercise was composed with the help of monolingual English dictionaries.

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