Form 5 Unit 1 Lessons 1-2 In summer

Learn the words. Speak about your summer.


What to start with?

1) Выпишите в словарь слова из учебника Ex. 1 p. 4. Обратите внимание на предлоги:

in the country
in the mountains
in town
at home
at the seaside
at summer camp

2) Прослушайте словa: In summer
3) Повторите формы глагола to be в Past Simple.
4) Скажите несколько предложений о том, где вы и ваши друзья провели лето.
5) Выполните все задания.
6) Запишите в словарик новые понравившиеся слова.
7) Постарайтесь употребить новые слова на уроке в своём рассказе о лете.

Travelling abroad ? Вы сможете расставить достопримечательности по местам?

The Pyramids are in …
The Leaning Tower of Pisa is in …
The Sydney Opera House is in…
Stonehenge is in …
The Eiffel Tower is in …

Pyramids in Paris (script)

Something very strange happened last month.
A naughty, young giant moved all the world’s famous landmarks.
People around the world were very confused.
He put the Pyramids in Paris.
“And on your left the … pyramids?”
He moved the Leaning Tower of Pisa to London.
“Here we can see the famous leaning tower of … London?”
He swapped the Sydney Opera House with Stonehenge.
“Hey, where are the stones, man?”
When his mum saw the newspaper she was very angry.
“Kevin! Go and put them back in the right place, you naughty boy.”
“Yes mum.”
So, don’t worry. If you go to London, Cairo, Pisa or Paris today, you’ll see all the
landmarks in their correct place.

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