Form 5 Unit 2 Lesson 5 At the Amusement Park


No Dogs! (script)

It was half past three and Katie had just finished school. Her mum was waiting at the gates with Jessie, the dog.

«Can we go to the park with Jaia, Mum?» said Katie. «Alright, we can go for half and hour,» said Mum.

When they got to the park. Katie and Jaia ran towards the swings and slides. «Come on!» shouted Katie, «Let’s see how high we can go on the swings!»

«You can’t come in here. Jess!» shouted Katie and Jaia. Mum took Jessie over to the bench and tied him to it. She sat down and started to read the paper.

«Did you have a nice time?» Mum asked. «Yes. It was brilliant! I went the highest!» said Katie. «No. I went the highest.» said Jaia. «Come on, we need to take you home,» said Mum.

That night, Jessie couldn’t sleep. He was thinking about the park. Quietly, he got of his basket and walked downstairs.

He squeezed through the cat flap – he was outside! He ran towards the park.

Soon Jessie was at the park. He walked towards the swings. The gate was open. He went through and looked around…the playground was full of dogs!

Jessie climbed up the ladder, went down the slide, whizzed round on the roundabout, went up and down on the see-saw, bounced on the springy, and went up and down on the swing.

«Wooooof!» barked Jessie. He went as high as he could on the swing.

Soon it was time to go. Jessie got off the swing, went through the gate and walked back home.

He squeezed through the cat-flap, walked upstairs and got into his basket. He looked at Katie. «I went the highest,» thought Jessie. And went to sleep.

No Dogs!

1. Who was waiting for Katie after school?

a) her Mum and Dad
b) her sister
c) her Mum and their dog Jessie

2. Where did they go after school?

a) home
b) to the swimming pool
c) to the park

3. Where did the girls run to?

a) merry-go-round
b) cafe
c) swings and slides

4. What was Jessy thinking about at night?

a) another dogs
b) the park
c) a bone

5. Whom did Jessy see in the park at night?

a) children
b) Katie and Jaia
c) dogs


1. (c)
2. (c)
3. (c)
4. (b)
5. (c)

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