Form 5 Unit 1 Lesson 4 In the Country

In the country

Задания выполняйте в такой последовательности:

1) Прослушайте слова.
2) Повторите формы глагола в Past Simple.
3) Заполните пропуски в тексте, прочитайте текст вслух, запишите его в тетрадь.
4) Посмотрите видео.
5) Выполните контрольное задание к нему (для открытия файла нужно быть пользователем Dropbox)
6) На уроке расскажите о каникулах в деревне.

Video script (with some changes)

City Mouse and Country Mouse

Molly the Mouse lived in a small house in the country. “I like the country? It’s quiet.”
Marko the Mouse is Molly’s friend. He lives in a big house in the city.“I like the city. It’s noisy.”
One day Marko visited Molly in the country. «Hello, Molly, I’m here!” “Hello, Marko! Welcome to the country.”
At lunch time Molly gave Marko some bread and cheese.“Bread and cheese? I don’t like bread and cheese. In the city we eat delicious food. We eat pizza and ice-cream. Come with me to the city!” So Molly went to the city with Marko.
“This is my house, Molly. Come in.” “It’s fantastic.”
It was lunch time. “I’m hungry. Let’s eat. Look! Ham, tomatoes, pizza.” “And ice-cream.”
But suddenly they heard a noise: “Meow!” “What’s that?” “It’s a cat! Run, Molly, run!” The two mice ran away.
“I am going home.”
“In the city we’ve got ham, tomatoes, pizza and ice-cream.” “And a big cat. I like the country. Bye-bye, Marko.” And Molly went back to the country.

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