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Charlie and Lola are characters created by author and illustrator Lauren Child. They were introduced in a series of picture books and later adapted as animated television stars. Although their main audience is children three to seven years old, the books and shows are popular with adults for their humorous storylines. Lola is an energetic, imaginative little girl; Charlie is a patient and kind older brother who has his work cut out (but is always willing) to help Lola learn and grow.

For that first book in the series, Child won the 2000 Kate Greenaway Medal from the Library Association, recognising the year’s best children’s book illustration by a British subject. For the 50th anniversary of the Medal (1955–2005) it was named one of the top ten winning works, selected by a 2007 panel to compose the ballot for a public election of the all-time favourite.

Меня заинтересовали созданные по книгам мультфильмы о Лоле и Чарли. Забавные, добрые, продолжительностью 11 минут каждый. Понравилась необычная «бумажная» анимация и озвучка. Темп речи довольно быстрый, естественный.

Мультфильмы достойны того, чтобы их смотрели не только дети, но и взрослые. Данная серия рассказывает о том, как дети готовились к участию в соревнованиях и выбирали для себя виды спорта. Посмотрела с удовольствием.

[youtube XFAjvunF3z8]

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