Expressions with do and make (elementary)

Study the list of expressions with do and make (Units 5-6 BVIU) and do the exercise.

1. We encourage our kids to help with the ***.

2. I need to *** a telephone call.

3. I want to think about it a bit longer before I make a ***.

4. She was in the kitchen *** the washing-up. [=*** the dishes]

5. If you *** a mistake, just cross it out.

6. My first marriage was a terrible failure. I don’t want to make the same *** again.

7. Please *** a photocopy at Happy Endings and send it to me.

8. We do *** with [=sell to or buy from] companies overseas.

9. I have to do the *** today. [=to wash the dirty clothes, towels, etc.]

10. I *** the cooking and my husband *** the laundry.

11. She did the *** and hung it out to dry.

12. She’s making a *** of our wedding.

13. He *** us some coffee.

14. My husband dresses the children while I *** breakfast.

15. Who *** the cooking in your house?

16. I don’t do any regular ***.

17. The noise of the traffic makes him tired and ***.

1. housework 2.make 3. decision 4. doing 5. make 6. mistake 7.make 8. business 9. laundry 10. do/ does 11. laundry 12. video/film 13. made 14. make 15. does 16. exercise 17. nervous

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