Дистанционная олимпиада 6-8 класс 2012 Минская область

Материалы дистанционной олимпиады предоставлены блогу коллегами из Минской области. Олимпиада проходила 29 сентября 2012 года на сайте МОИРО. Подготовлена специалистами МОИРО.

Задания дистанционной олимпиады
по английскому языку
для учреждений с русским и белорусским языками обучения
(6-8 классы, 2012 год)

Choose the correct variant

1. ___ Lake Naroch is ___ largest lake in Belarus.

a) The, the b) A, — c) —, the d) —, —

2. This country is famous for kiwis.

a) Australia b) the USA c) New Zealand d) Germany

3. I ___ London since 2008.

a) haven’t visited b) didn’t visit c) don’t visit d) won’t visit

4. Find the odd one out.

a) beaver b) stork c) bison d) elk

5. The capital of Scotland is ___.

a) Edinburgh b) Liverpool c) London d) Paris

6. More than 9 ___ live in Belarus.

a) millions people b) million people c) millions peoples d) million peoples

7. Belarus is ___ France.

a) smaller than b) larger than c) the largest than d) smaller then

8. The national symbols of Belarus are:

a) bison and cornflower b) stork and red rose

c) white dove and maple tree d) wolf and panda

9. When ___ you ___ to the seaside last?

a) have … gone b) do … go c) did … go d) did … went

10. Do you like ___ to ghost stories?

a) listening b) hear c) listen d) to hearing

11. In summer our family like to go on picnics. Then we take some meat, salt, onions and tomatoes and make ___ on the open fire.

a) pizza b) soup c) chops d) shashlik

12. Which word isn’t written correctly in the plural?

a) hairs b) geese c) bison d) women

13. At 5 o’clock yesterday Barbara ___ a new film on TV.

a) was watching b) watches c) saw d) watched

14. Did you have a nice time in Brazil?

a) Never mind! b) Thanks a lot! c) With pleasure! d) Fantastic!

15. When I ___ out of the window I ___ a black cat.

a) was looking, saw b) looked, was seeing

c) was looking, was seeing d) looked, have seen

16. Would you like ___ more pizza?

a) any b) some c) no d) something

17. Bread ___ from flour.

a) makes b) are making c) is made d) has made

18. The teacher enters the classroom. She sees twenty-five pupils. How many eyes are there totally in the classroom?

a) 26 b) 25 c) 51 d) 52

19. My ___ is my granny.

a) mothers mother b) mother’s mother c) mothers’ mother d) mother’s mother’s

20. He was born in London in 1889. Later he lived in the USA. He was a film actor. People always laugh when they see his films.

a) Steven Spielberg b) Conan Doyle c) Michael Jackson d) Charlie Chaplin


21 (1). Which is the wrong word when you describe appearance?

a) pale b) quiet c) sun-tanned d) handsome

22 (2). Mrs. Green never does shopping on Saturday, ___?

a) does she b) doesn’t she c) don’t she d) doesn’t Mrs. Green

23 (3). Which word is not used in the plural?

a) money b) sweater c) suitcase d) tomato

24 (4). Mark ___ stamps for 5 years. He ___ more than 2 thousand stamps from all over the world.

a) is collecting, has collected b) collected, collected

c) collects, collected d) has been collecting, has collected

25 (5). Which word is not an adjective?

a) old-fashioned b) beauty c) tight d) boring

26 (6). Which word-combination doesn’t exist?

a) kind-hearted b) good-dressed c) couch potato d) hard-working

27 (7). Which cake do you want? — ___, please. I like both of them.

a) Neither b) Any of them c) Either d) None

28 (8). Which question belongs to the underlined word?

Mary helps Anna, her friend.

a) Who helps Anna? b) Whom does Mary help?

c) What is Anna? d) Whose friend is Anna?

29 (9). The capital of the USA is ___.

a) Los Angeles b) New York c) Chicago d) Washington

30 (10). Which question is the right one to describe someone’s character?

a) What is he like? b) What does he like?

c) What does he look like? d) What does he like doing?

31 (11). Choose the correct translation.

Not everyone knows that football was developed in England.

a) Все знают, что футбол появился в Англии.

b) Никто не знает, что футбол развивает Англию

c) Не каждый знает, что футбол появился в Англии.

d) Не все знают, что Англия развивает футбол.

32 (12). Choose the correct reply.

— Do you know where my umbrella is?

a) -You must be joking! b) -I think you should stop it

c) -It may rain again soon d) -I have no idea

33 (13). Complete the English proverb: My home is my ___.

a) palace b) castle c) family d) town

34 (14). Read the text and say what kind of behavior is mentioned in it.

The first thing you should remember when in England is always to say “please” and “thank you”. Never push into a queue of people or they’ll get angry. Don’t be late for appointments and don’t talk with your mouth full.

a) polite b) angry c) serious d) rude

35 (15). What is not connected with St. Valentine‘s Day?

a) roast turkey b) winter c) sweetheart d) valentines

36 (16). Choose the wrong statement.

a) The Tower of London is a museum. b) The Tower of London used to be a prison.

c) The Tower of London is the Queen’s residence. d) The Tower of London is a famous sight.

37 (17). Read the text and answer the question.

There are some rooms downstairs: a big living-room, a fairly big kitchen opposite the living room and a very small dining-room, there’s also a toilet opposite the stairs. The bedrooms are upstairs: John and Mary’s bedroom is at the top of the stairs on the right, the bathroom is opposite their room and the toilet is next to the bathroom. Next to John and Mary’s bedroom is the children’s bedroom. The spare bathroom is at the end of the corridor on the left.

How many rooms are there in the house?

a) 5 b) 6 c) 3 d) 4

38 (18). You should give ___ eating fast food.

a) away b) out c) off d) up

39 (19). – I never win when we play table-tennis at school.

a) — So I do. b) — Neither do I. c) — I too. d) — I don’t too.

40 (20). Who ___ Rome ___ by?

a) has … founded b) is … founding c) was … founded d) did … found


41 (1). — How long ___ dinner? – Since morning.

a) are you cooking b) do you cook

c) have you been cooking d) did you cook

42 (2). What countries is the UK made ___ of?

a) in b) up c) down d) upon

43 (3). This story ____why life on earth will be impossible if the temperature grows.

a) explains b) suggests c) offers d) devotes

44 (4). Which verb can be used in all the sentences?

1) The сoncert ___ place at school. 2) Did you ___ me for his sister?

3) It’s very far. Let’s ___ a bus. 4) He was ___ to hospital.

5) She ___ after her mother.

a) have b) keep c) take d) do e) make

45 (5). Choose the English variant of the Russian proverb:

Умей дело делать – умей и позабавиться.

a) All men can’t be masters. b ) All is well that ends well.

c) All are not merry that dance lightly. d) All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

46 (6).Read the text.

The Skunk

The skunk is known mainly for its strong stink. Skunks are black and white animals and they are very furry. They are small – no larger than house cats. When a skunk is in danger, it attacks by spraying a liquid from under its tail. This liquid is very sharp, terrible and unpleasant; it may last for many days.A skunk can spray something from as far away as twelve feet.

Finish the sentence. The skunk is known for _____.

a) its color b) its fur c) its size d) its eyes e) its bad smell

47 (7). Which verb is not used with the preposition UP.

a) look b) give c) say d) make

48 (8). Name the country.

It is situated in America. It borders on the USA. It’s a bilingual country.

a) Cuba b) Canada c) Mexico d) Brazil

49 (9). Which word is missing?

A friend _____ is a friend indeed.

a) at school b) in need c) at home d) in danger e) in peace

50 (10). ‘I don’t know which dress to buy’.

a) Hang on. b) I’m afraid so. c) Shame on you. d) Well, make up your mind.

51 (11). “I’ll be in touch” means that I’ll ___ later.

a) contact you b) meet you c) see you d) visit you

52 (12). Which of these is not an item of clothing?

a) pants b) leggings c) dungarees d) pullover e) buttocks

53 (13). Find the correct word order.

a) an expensive big old black car b) a big black expensive old car

c) a black big expensive old car d) an old expensive black big car

54 (14). I’m really into rap means:

a) I can’t stand it. b) I hate it. c) I’m fond of it. d) I’ve never heard of it.

55 (15). The English are famous for:

a) Loch Ness and gardening b) fireplaces and growing roses

c) castles and Niagara Falls d) hospitality and nice weather

56 (16). The First Foot is:

a) the first who comes to one’s house after midnight 31 December

b) the winner of sports competitions c) a discoverer of a new land

d) a person who comes to work earlier than the others

57 (17). Which musical instrument is never used in a symphony orchestra?

a) French horn b) harp c) accordion d) triangle

58 (18). What ___? Your hands are so dirty!

a) are you doing b) did you do c) you have done d) have you beеn doing

59 (19). Brunch is

a) breakfast and lunch combined b) food eaten at McDonald’s

c) food eaten at picnics d) holiday meals

60 (20). Which is not a part of the eye?

a) iris b) pupil c) nostril d) sclera


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