Cambridge English Penfriends

В очередной рассылке от University of Cambridge ESOL examination пришла вот такая информация:

We are excited to announce the global launch of Cambridge English Penfriends, connecting schools around the world.

What is Cambridge English Penfriends?

This is a fun, international activity that helps you to link up with a school in another country in a safe and easy way. Your students will design and share greetings cards based on a theme.

Register your school here to get started.

Why take part?

• access new, fun classroom activities
• help your students practise reading and writing in English
• connect to a school in another part of the world, safely and easily
• develop a relationship with another school, possibly by exchanging more letters, arranging a video conference or even a school exchange
• build your students’ confidence as they communicate in English with other students.

Cambridge English Penfriends is easy for teachers to use in the classroom. We will explain what to do at each stage and provide a lesson plan, classroom poster, certificates for your students and more.

Register your school here to get started.

We hope you enjoy making new friends around the world!

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