Form 9 Fashion Additional Vocabulary

Дополнительная лексика к Form 9 Unit 4 Fashion. Learn the words then do the exercise.

Прочитайте текст. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа.

People’s attitude to money has changed in recent years. When my mother was younger, she never (1) … from anyone and she always paid her (2) … on time. Things like cars, TV sets and washing machines (3) … a huge amount of money and there weren’t so many different makes to choose from.
Nowadays, the number of mobile phones on the market is unbelievable. Some of my friends change their mobile every few months despite the expense. There is also a huge (4) … in clothes and shoes, especially on the Internet.
I ordered some jeans once but they were very disappointing because they didn’t (5) … me very well — they were much too big. I prefer to try things on before I buy them. I think I know what (6) … good on me and I quite often get real (7) … in the sales. Some shops (8) … a fortune but the style of clothes that they sell is awful. They persuade people to buy things that don’t suit them, just because they have a designer label, I don’t have to (9) … high prices in shops in order to feel good about the way I look.

1 1) borrowed 2) lent 3) owed 1) paid
2 1) fees 2) prices 3) bills 4) values
3 1) counted 2) cost 3) paid 4) charged
4 1) choice 2) chance 3) option 4) alternative
5 1) fit 2) match 3) look 4) suit
6 1) suits 2) matches 3) looks 4) fits
7 1) price 2) profit 3) fines 4) bargains
8 1) cost 2) charge 3) offer 4) borrow
9 1) spend 2) waste 3) pay 4) invest

(ЦТ 2012 Вариант 6)

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