Районная олимпиада 10 класс 2012

Grammar and Vocabulary Test

80 points

I. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

Last week police (1) _______________ (to arrest) Paul Dawson. They (2) _______________ (to suspect) him of being the leader of a gang of robbers who (3) _______________ (to steal) art treasures from museums and homes since last January. Prior to his arrest, Dawson (4) _______________ (to spend) two years in prison for theft. They (5) _______________ (to release) him only 16 months ago. The police (6) _______________ (to try) to find the gang’s hideout for months. They feel sure they (7) _______________ (to arrest) the rest of the gang by the end of the month. This (8) _______________ (to be) the biggest art theft operation to be uncovered since 1974 when police (9) _______________ (to catch) a gang which (10) _______________ (to steal) over a million pounds worth of paintings from galleries all over the country.

II. Read the text below and decide which word A, B, C, or D best fits each space.


Some of the (0)    very    first homes were caves, which had walls and ceilings that (1) ________ wind, rain and prowling animals, and floors where people could sit or sleep.

Gradually, as the centuries (2) ________ people learned to build different kinds of homes. They needed homes that were (3) ________ for the place where they lived, and they used (4) ________ that were available locally. In dry places, houses were made of mud or clay. Where there was (5) ________ of wood, people built houses of logs or boards. On grassy (6) ________, they built homes of dry grass. People who lived near rivers made rafts or houseboats, or houses raised above the ground on stilts.

Homes today are (7) ________ built bearing the local environment and conditions in (8) ________. Residents of very hot places need houses that will keep them (9) ________, while people in the frozen north need houses that protect them from the cold. Indeed, the climate affects many of the (10) ________ of a house, such as the size, position and number of windows. Where weather conditions are extreme, for example, windows tend to be smaller. Our homes, comprising modern blocks of flats, (11) ________ a lot in common with those first caves, since they protect us against the weather and give us (12) ________ safe place to sleep.


A) very B) rather C) mostly D) extremely


A) put away B) held up C) kept out D) carried off


A) went by B) passed up C) ran away D) fell behind


A) suitable B) fitted C) matching D) agreeable


A) supplies B) fabrics C) materials D) objects


A) sufficient B) plenty C) enough D) much


A) stages B) flats C) levels D) plains


A) more B) ever C) still D) yet


A) idea B) memory C) thought D) mind


A) cool B) frozen C) chilled D) lukewarm


A) factors B) points C) features D) sides


A) keep B) are C) like D) have


A) a B) the C) some D) —

III. Make the right choice.

1. The strata (contains / contain) fossils.
2. Please, fill in the form (by / at / with / in) pencil first. Then check it.
3. He hardly recognized you, (hadn’t he / didn’t he / did he)?
4. People (by / at / on / in) large were dissatisfied with the government’s decision.
5. He cut the wood-logs (by / without / at / with) an axe.
6. The Rainforests are (impassable / impenetrable / non-passible) in some places.
7. The audience (were / was) throwing flowers and jewelry onto the stage.
8. Cookies or cake (are / is) available.
9. (The / A / —) President Bush is popular in the USA.
10. (— / The / A) certain Mr. Gibson wants you on the phone.

IV. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Use the word given and other words to complete each sentence. You must use between two and five words. Do not change the word given.

1. He smoked a lot, so he had a very bad cough.

His very bad cough _________________________________________ a lot.

2. I’m sure he wasn’t sincere when he said he liked mice.

He _____________________________________ when he said he liked mice.

3. You ought to find a job.

It _______________________________________________________ a job.

4. The decorators were still painting the flat when I moved in.

The flat _________________________________________ when I moved in.

5. The phone isn’t working I’m afraid.

The phone ____________________________________________ I’m afraid.

6. If he hadn’t reacted so quickly, we would have been killed.

But ____________________________________ we would have been killed.

7. I don’t mind being alone at weekends.

I don’t mind ________________________________________ at weekends.

8. Can I speak to you in private?

Can I ________________________________________________ in private?

9. Please check this document for misprints.

Please __________________________________ misprints in this document.

10. Although he is rich, he is mean.

In __________________________________________________ he is mean.

V. For questions 1–10, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.

The Desire to Know

Curiosity goes back to the dawn of human (0) existence. This irrepressible                 EXIST

desire to know is not a (1) ____________________ of inanimate objects. Nor                 CHARACTER

does it seem to be attributable to some forms of living organism which, for that very

reason, we can scarcely bring ourselves to consider alive. A tree, for example, does

not display (2) ____________________ curiosity, nor does a sponge or even an              RECOGNISE

oyster. If chance events bring them poison, predators or parasites, they die as

(3) ____________________ as they lived.                                                                         CEREMONIOUS

Early in the scheme of life, (4) ___________________ motion was developed by    DEPEND

some organisms. It meant an (5) ____________________ advance in their control of      ORDINARY

the environment. A moving organism no longer waited in stolid (6) ______________     RIGID

for food to come its way, but went out after it. The individual that hesitated in the

(7) ____________________ search for food, or that was overly                                       ZEAL

(8) ____________________ in its investigation, starved.                                                   CONSERVE

As organisms grew more complex, more messages of greater variety were

received from and about the (9) ____________________ environment. At the same       ROUND

time, the nervous system, the living instrument that interprets and stores the data

collected by the sense organs, became (10) ____________________ complex.                 INCREASE

VI. For questions 1–6, think of one word only which can be used appropriately in all three sentences. Here is an example (0).


0.      Some of the tourists are hoping to get compensation for the poor state of the hotel, and I think they have a very _______________ case.

There’s no point in trying to wade across the river, the current is far too _______________.

If you’re asking me which of the candidates should get the job, I’m afraid I don’t have any _______________ views either way.

0. strong

1.    When he was in his nineties, the famous writer’s health began to _______________.

If the potato crop were to _______________, it would create any problems for the local people.

Please do not _______________ to check the safety precautions for this device.

2.    In the _______________ term, this new proposal could mean a property tax with substantial rebates for the poor.

Running up the stairs left her _______________ of breath.

The kids made _______________ work of the cakes and ice-cream at the party.

3.    Sven was the star _______________ in the school review with his impersonation of all the teachers.

It’ll be my _______________ to cook meal for both of us next weekend.

Don’t drive too fast as you approach the next _______________ because there’s a sharp embankment.

4.    When you take into _______________ the difficulties they faced, you must admit the team did well to come second.

After he had visited the theme park, Trevor gave us a detailed _______________ of the attractions.

Clara asked the shop assistant to charge the jacket to her _______________.

5.    I thought I had a good solution to the problem, but my plan was _______________ by the director, who said it would be too expensive.

In many parts of the country, black clouds completely _______________ out the sun, and whole towns were cast into semi-darkness.

Enrico had to take a different route home because the main road was _______________ by a lorry which had overturned.

6.    When I hesitated over the price, the salesman came up with a special _______________.

There’s a great _______________ of rubbish at the bottom of the garden.

The two sides tried and failed to come to a _______________.


VII. Read the text. Some of the lines are correct and some have a word which should not be there. If a line is correct, put a tick (V) in the space provided. If a line has a word which should not be there, write it in the space provided.

A Trip to the Funfair0. We have had been planning for a long time to go to00. the funfair for my brother’s birthday, so on the big1. day we all piled up into the car and set off. The traffic2. was so much bad that day that it took us nearly two hours3. to get there. Then we discovered that half the people4. in town had been had the same idea. The place was so packed5. that you could no hardly move. My brother wanted to go

6. on the roller coaster, so we joined the queue—which it seemed

7. to be about a mile long—and waited for our turn.

8. By far the time we got to the front of the queue, my sister

9. was complaining that she was so afraid to go on the ride,

10. and even my brother looked a bit of apprehensive. Just then

11. a man announced that there was a technical problem

12. and the ride was made closed. With a sigh of relief we went

to get something to eat.

0.                have00.                V1. ______2. ______3. ______4. ______5. ______

6. ______

7. ______

8. ______

9. ______

10. ______

11.  ______

12. _______




VIII. Complete each of the idioms below.

off the point

flat out

for good

full of beans

down to earth

in a nutshell

out of the blue

in black and white

1. I want everything ____________________ before I sign anything.
2. He’s quiet, sensible, and ____________________.
3. We were discussing politics when, ____________________, she started talking about her daughter’s boyfriend.
4. The child is so ____________________ that it’s tiring to be with him.
5. I’m ____________________ —I think I’d better go to bed.
6. After his wife’s death he left town ____________________.
7. ____________________, my plan is to buy land.
8. What I think about him is ____________________.

IX. Multicultural knowledge. Circle the right variant.

1. What is the nickname of a British policeman?

a) Cop                         b) Bobby                    c) Charley                   d) Willy

2. Find an American writer.


a) Agatha Christie                  b) Charles Dickens                 c) Oscar Wilde                       d) O’Henry


Мною допущено ______________________________________ (числом и прописью) исправлений.

Районная олимпиада по английскому языку

10 класс, 2012-2013 уч. г.

KEYS (составлены не авторами, возможно будут вноситься изменения, нужно перерешать)


1. arrested
2. suspect
3. has stolen
4. had spent
5. released
6. have been trying
7. will  arrest
8. is
9. caught
10. had stolen


1. C                 5. B                 9. A
2. A                 6. D                 10. C
3. A                 7. C                 11. D
4. C                 8. D                 12. A


1. contain, 2. in, 3.did he, 4. in, 5. with, 6. impenetrable 7. were, 8. is, 9. —, 10. A.


1. is due to his smoking
2. can’t have been sincere
3. is time you found
4. was still being painted
5. is out of order
6. for his quick reaction
7. being on my own
8. have a word with you
9. make sure to check
10. spite of his wealth


1. characteristic
2. recognizable
3. unceremoniously
4. independent
5. extraordinary
6. rigidity
7. zealous
8. conservative
9. surrounding
10. increasingly


1. fail, 2. short, 3. turn, 4. account, 5. blocked, 6. deal.


1. V 3. half 5. no 7. V 9. so 11. V
2. much 4. been 6. it 8. far 10. of 12. made


1. in black and white
2. down to earth
3. out of the blue
4. full of beans
5. flat out
6. for good
7. in a nutshell
8. off the point


1. b, 2. d.

Официальные ключи:

Form 10



1) arrested 2) suspect/suspected 3) have stolen/had stolen 4) had spent 5) had released 6) had been trying 7) will have arrested 8) is 9) caught 10) had stolen


l)C 2)A 3) A 4) C 5) B 6) D 7) C 8) D 9) A 10) C 11) D 12) A


1) contain 2) in 3) did he 4) at 5) with 6) impassible 7) were 8) is 9) — 10) A


1) was due to his smoking 2) can’t have been sincere 3) is time you found 4) was still being painted 5) is out of order 6) for his quick reaction 7) being on my own 8) have a word (with you) 9) make sure there are no 10) spite of his wealth


1) characteristic 2) recognisable/recognizable 3) unceremoniously 4) independent 5) extraordinary 6) rigidity 7) zealous 8) conservative 9) surrounding 10) increasingly


1) fail 2) short 3) turn 4) account 5) blocked 6) deal


1) up 2) much 3) V 4) been 5) no 6) it 7) V 8) far 9) so 10) of 11) V 12) made


1) in black and white 2) down to earth 3) out of the blue 4) full of beans 5) flat out 6) for good 7) in a nutshell 8) off the point


1) b 2) d


10th Form




April:   I come from a very small village. umm … my father. Well, he’s half Irish. He’s… er… a lorry driver, but he’s always been really keen on engineering and he’s always working on cars and bits and pieces. I suppose I picked up a bit from him and he’s always been really interested in flying he did a little bit himself — but then … umm … he got interested in the sliding club that moved to our village. I visited going up in gliders with him to look around, you know, try it out and then I got involved with that and learned to fly. Then that led me on to working for Marshall Aerospace.

Interviewer: What son of personal qualities do you think a good designer like you needs?

April:   You’ve got to be a really hard worker. Some jobs will come in on a Friday afternoon and they need to be done by Sunday morning, so you have to work over the weekend …umm … You need to be able to work on your own as well as work with a team. You’ve got to be able to communicate with the others to understand if anything they’re doing affects you… umm … you’ve got to be quite organized and quite decisive really.

You’re doing a job that will affect an aeroplane and, even though about four other people check your work to make sure it’s OK, it still comes down to you. You’re responsible and you’ve got to make sure it’s right

Interviewer: Most engineers are men, so what sort of qualities does a 22-year-old woman need working in a male environment?

April:   Yeah. umm. I think you’ve got to be able to prove yourself to people that might, might wonder how well you’re going to do the job. . . umm … You’ve got to show initiative really and ask questions and want to learn. You won’t be very successful if you just sit there and just do the minimum. There’ll always be I think that bit extra to do so that people will notice you for the right reasons, I suppose. But as a woman you are watched a lot. Well, not watched but people follow your progress more. When I worked on the planes in the hangars everyone knew me because I was the only girl there, so that now they all know my name and they all keep an eye on what I’m doing, how well I’m getting on — that’s unusual I know a lot of the male apprentices know very few people in the hangars even though they  worked here for the same time, but when I worked in there a lot of people spoke to me to find out how I was getting on.



Tapescript 2

What photographs remind us of


I took this picture when I was about ten, I think. My parents had taken me to a place called Arosa in Switzerland. They’d decided to learn how to ski. It was quite a surprise I think because before that we’d only ever been on holiday in England. We used to go to the seaside every summer. But this winter, for some reason, well, I don’t know. Anyway, they’d given me this box camera for Christmas. Box cameras were just that, a little box with a funny little viewfinder to look through, and film, quite big, which is funny considering you got such small prints!

I loved skiing and the snow. D’you know I think it was my first time abroad ever. But all that fresh mountain air and racing down the slopes. It was really great. Fantastic. I haven’t been skiing for years I’ve probably forgotten how to.

I wonder what happened to that box camera, it was so primitive compared to the digital ones you get nowadays.


I really love this picture. It’s me and my sister on the old Inca trail, you know, in Peru. Well, it’s something I’d always wanted to do, and then when my sister spent a few months in Chile between school and university I went out and joined her. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever done. We went up through Chile, then Bolivia and into Peru. Like everyone who goes to South America we wanted to see the fabulous old Inca city of Machu Picchu, so we travelled to Cuzco which is the old capital of the Inca empire, you know before the Spaniards got there in the 16th century and started their 300-year rule in that part of the world. Well not 300 years exactly. Anyway, so you leave Cuzco and walk the Inca trail. It’s spectacular scenery. And then, when you get to Machu Picchu itself, well it’s absolutely fantastic, just as good as everyone says and much, much better than any photograph you’ve ever seen of it. There are places like that aren’t there, you know, no matter how often you’ve seen photographs it’s just not a patch on the real thing. Machu Picchu was like that.


Oh yeah, that’s the Grand Palace in Bangkok. In Thailand. It’s a fantastic place. I mean I haven’t been in Thailand for ten years but I can remember it really well. I loved Bangkok better than some of the other places. Well I can hardly remember Egypt cos I was just a kid then, and I didn’t specially like the school I was in in Johannesburg when we were there. But Thailand… Thailand was really cool.

My dad was a diplomat — well he still is — and my Mom’s a teacher. That’s why we lived in so many different places.

The Grand Palace dates back to the 18th century. I think that’s when King Rama I had it built. See. I really paid attention to all that stuff. I think I remember it correctly anyway. It’s a fantastic place. There are temples and pagodas and some incredible wall paintings. I went there quite a few times. Well every time friends or family would come out to visit we’d take them to different places, you know, kind of like tourist guides cos we knew what to show them, and at the palace they’d be like “wow! That’s fabulous!»

I’d like to go back to Bangkok and see some of my friends there. Maybe I will next vacation. Maybe.


Oh no, look at that! That’s me and my dog Sally.. well, and my sister, of course. I wonder how old I was then.  I must have been. what. about six or seven. I loved that dog. We went everywhere together. Well, in my memory we did anyway. I used to take her over the fields to my friend’s house, and in the summer she’d come with us on long walks when we went on holidays. We used to go to this farm in the hills. I loved that, so did my brothers. We used to have a fantastic time.

And Sally. D’you know I haven’t thought about her for years. I loved that dog. And then when I was about it, they sent me away to school and the dog passed away. I was heartbroken. It was so difficult being young back then. A lot easier now, I can tell you.






Read the statements below carefully. Listen to the recording. While listening decide whether the statements are true or false. Write «T“ for true and “F” for false.

1. April’s father is Irish.

2. April picked up a lot from her father.

3. The club is in the village where April lives.

4. April can fly a glider.

5. April works on her own.

6. About four other people check her work.

7. April works in the hangars.

8. There were many other girls who worked in the hangars.

9. Not many people knew April when she worked in the hangars.

10 Nobody spoke to April in the hangars.


Listen to four people talking about their old photographs. Complete the sentences. You may start doing it while listening.

1. Peter learnt ____when he was young.

2. Pete’s family used to go ____ every summer.

3. Peter’s parents had given him ____ for Christmas.

4. Jane’s sister___ between school and university.

5. Machu Picchuitself looks much better______.

6. Jane hasn’t been in____ .

7. Kate’s dad was a diplomat that’s why they_______.

8. Kate ______ she was in inJohannesburg

9. Kate and her parent acted_____ when friends or family came to visit them.

10. Betty used to________ when she went on holidays.


Мною допущено _______ (числом и прописью) исправлений.

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