Fit/Suit/Match Quiz

Study the notes and do the test. There are 27 questions and the highest score is 27. In some cases the difference in meaning is not quite obvious. Nevertheless, try your best.

26. I tried the dress on but it didn’t … .




24. In the lounge everything … ; the curtains, the sofa, the carpet and the cushions.




16. The uniform … her perfectly.




10. She has to go to the men’s department to find trousers that … at the waist…




3. Dark colors … her best.




23. That jacket … well.




7. Blue … you. You should wear it more often.




8. The sash, kimono, and other garments were made … a child…




6. If we met at 2, would that … you?




1. That coat really *** Paul.




21. The doors were painted blue … the walls.




17. The jacket’s fine, but the trousers don’t … .




15. The new hairstyle really … her.




18. I can’t find clothes … me.




5. There’s a range of restaurants … all tastes.




2. The after-school program … the needs of most of the children.




9. For every outfit, Stephanie seemed to have a handbag and shoes … .




4. I work part time, which … me fine.




27. If you want to go by bus, that … me fine.




12. Her nails were painted bright red … her dress…




22. I’m looking for a rug … my bedroom curtains.




20. You don’t have … your lipstick exactly to your outfit…




13. His clothes did not … him very well.




11. Red … you.




25. This lipstick … your blouse exactly.




14. The earrings …. her eyes.




19. All the chairs …. …




Если вы нашли ошибку, пожалуйста, выделите фрагмент текста и нажмите Ctrl+Enter.

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