Why Cigarettes Are Dangerous

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Why Cigarettes Are Dangerous — The Truth Unveiled

Cigarettes should be the most feared product and must be banned in every country. Unfortunately, it is not so. Despite all the information about negative effects of this cancer producing product the number of smokers is still quite significant.

If you want to know why cigarettes are dangerous and ought to be avoided, this article is to unveil it.

To remind you, cigarettes contain 4000 chemicals and 400 of them are considered toxic compounds totally bad for any living entity. So the components that doctors and experts consider not suitable for any human being is what you smoke, inhale and buy every day.

The following list is going to uncover some of the chemicals that can be found in cigarettes. There’s hope that it will awake you from your ignorance by telling the truth about your beloved habit.

Nicotine — is the drug which being mixed with your cigarettes makes them more addictive. After all, addiction means more money for the manufacturer.
Tar — is a substance that causes your teeth, lungs and fingers go yellow. So don’t be surprised to see your appearance becoming unattractive. It is the chemical that is going to make you yellow.
Naphthalene — is another chemical that is used for manufacturing moth balls as well. I guess your organism needs a bit of moth balls, doesn’t it?
Hydrogen Cyanide. If you ever heard what a gas chamber is, what it does and what the chemicals used to kill people in it are, this is the exact thing which is found in your cigarettes and this is one more reason why cigarettes are dangerous.
Methanol — (also used as rocket fuel) is the reason why smokers are restless and agitated.

All these are just a few reasons why cigarettes are dangerous. So if you want to keep on buying all these chemicals — the choice is yours, it is your money and your health.

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Abridged and adapted

addiction зависимость
agitate возбуждать
avoid избегать
awake  будить, пробуждать
ban  запрещать
cancer  рак
cyanide цианид
despite  не смотря на
drug  наркотик
entity  существо
fear  бояться
hydrogen cyanide синильная кислота
ignorance невежество
inhale  вдыхать
manufacturer производитель
methanol  метанол
moth  моль
naphthalene  нафталин
nicotine  никотин
remind  напоминать
tar  смола
uncover  раскрывать
unveil  снимать покрывало, вуаль

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