Фразовый глагол to get

В учебнике English 9 авт. Лапицкой Л. М. и др. на стр. 66-67 (Lesson 7 Unit 3) приведен небольшой список выражений с фразовым глаголом to get.

Предлагаем посмотреть видео с примерами употребления этого фразового глагола.

[youtube z73OPziUM1M]

Приводятся примеры употребления: get at somebody/something, get on, get on with, get along, get along with, get about, get around, get away, get away with, get back, get back at, get by, get down, get off with somebody, get over, get together.

Можно смотреть также по ссылке ЗДЕСЬ

Get – to obtain
Get at sth – to reach, to try to convey the idea (to understand what smb means)
Get on (a bus/horse/bike) – to ride, to mount
To get on/along with sth – to progress, to make progress
To get on with smb – to have a friendly relationship with sb
Get about/around – to visit places
Get away – escape (no object) with(out) (sth) from a place
Get back – to arrive home
Get back a thing — to get or obtain (something you have lost) again
Get back at smb – to revenge
Get by – to survive
Get down – to write down, to take notes; to depress
Get off with – to begin a sexual relationship with someone
To get over sth– to recover from an illness, sadness
Get together – to collect (people, things)

Try to remember the following:

get across четко, убедительно объяснить, изложить; донести довести (до слушателя)
get along (with) ладить, находить общий язык
get at иметь в виду
get away 1. удрать, ускользнуть, улизнуть 2. выбираться, уходить, уезжать
get away with сделать (что-л.) незаметно или безнаказанно провернуть какое-л. дельце
get back вернуться 2. получить назад
get by жить, прожить; обходиться
get down спускаться; подавлять, угнетать, подрывать здоровье
get down to браться, сесть за учение/работу и т. п.
get in (into) входить, влезать; прибывать, приходить
get off слезать, вылезать; сходить
get on садиться (на лошадь, автобус и т. п.)
get on (with) 1. делать успехи, преуспевать 2. ладить, быть в хороших отношениях
get out 1. выходить, вылезать, высаживаться 2. бежать, совершить побег (из тюрьмы) 3. вынимать, вытаскивать
get out of sth/doing sth отвертеться (избежать чего-л.); отлынивать, увиливать
get over 1. преодолеть (трудность, препятствие) 2. оправиться, выздороветь; прийти в себя 3. донести (ясно изложить)
get round уговорить to (a place) попадать, прибывать куда-л.; добираться до какого-л. места
get through закончить; одолеть, справиться с чем-л.; связаться по телефону; доходить (до кого-л., до чьего-л. сознания); довести (до чьего-л. сознания)
gеt up вставать, подниматься; поднимать, заставить встать

Fill in the correct particle(s). Translate the sentences.

1. I rang up the hospital. It took me over two hours to get … . 2. Our son is getting … well at college. 3. If I can get … all my homework, I’ll go to the cinema later. 4. The thief got … climbing over the garden wall. 5. I really get … with my brother. 6. Ann got… the train just as I was going to leave and got … at Portland. 7. He got … … the crime because there were no witnesses. 8. After I put down the phone I get … … my work. 9. They earn just enough money to get … . 10. He’s got some problems, but I’m sure he can get … them. 11. I’d love to get … to an exotic country for a while. 12. It took Sharon two months to get … her illness. 13. The thieves got … even though the police had rounded the building. 14. The speaker needs to know that his words are getting … . 15. The two children are getting … very well. 16. I’ve got to get … to London. 17. All he wants to do is get his girlfriend …. 18. George has climbed up that tree, and now he can’t get… 19 I walked to the van, got … and drove away. 20. What time does the coach get…, do you know? 21. Get… at Mayfield Church. 22. Let’s get … the first bus that comes along. 23. Sylvia asked politely how Paul was getting … at school. 24. She got… and slammed the door. 25. I had to go to school, and if I could have got … … it, I would. 26. I had to get … from my stool. 27. We managed to get our messsage … . 28. I’11 have to get … … work soon — I’ve got lots to do. 29. I’ m not going to allow Ann to get … … an offensive remark like that. 30. I can’t get… to Joe. I’ll phone again later. 31. We get … our neighbours very well. 32. This continual wet weather is getting me … . 33. All this worry has got him …. 34. My brother doesn’t get … till 6. 35. The class got … when the teacher came in. 36. We’re getting … at the next stop. 37. Let’s get … … business. 38. She can’t get … her shyness. 39. I think the problem can be got … without too much difficulty. 40. He always gets … early. 41. It was midnight before got … the village. 42. I know what you are getting …, and you’re right. 43. The audience had no idea what we were getting … . 44. I find it impossible to get … to her.

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