Some more practice with suit/fit/match/go with

Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps.

Choose from the list

to fit, to suit, to match, to go with=to match.

Don’t forget to change the forms of the verbs where necessary.

1. This shirt doesn’t *** me. It’s too small.
2. This color doesn’t *** me.
3. This shirt doesn’t *** your blue tie.
4. The dress doesn’t *** me: it is a bit too loose in the waist and tight round the hips.
5. The gloves don’t *** with my shoes.
6. The jacket *** you, but the colour doesn’t *** you.
7. What colour tie will you recommend *** my light-grey shirt?
8. I don’t think grey shoes will *** with your brown coat.
9. The dress is to my taste, but the price doesn’t *** me.
10. Mary’s blue dress *** her eyes.

Exercise 2. Fill in the gaps.

Choose from the list

to fit, to suit, to match, to become=to suit, to go with/together=to match

Don’t forget to change the forms of the verbs  where necessary.

1. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a suitable dress that ***. You are a standard size.
2. ‘I don’t think this dress *** me. I’d prefer something lighter.’ ‘Oh, no. I love you in that dress.’
3. The jacket *** her like a glove. It looked as if it had been made for her.
4. In the lounge everything *** the curtains: the sofa, the carpet and the cushions.
5. Do you think this sweater and this skirt *** ? No, not really, the colours don’t quite ***.
6. This dress doesn’t *** her. It’s tight in the waist.
7. For every outfit, Diana has a handbag and shoes *** .
8. Helen was trying on her pearls to see if they *** her yellow dress.
9. She looked curiously young in her scarlet jeans and white sweater, although the clothes didn’t *** the occasion.
10. It’s funny but the yellow walls and the black floor actually *** quite well.

Exercise 3. Translate into English.

1. Она искала шляпу в тон своему светло-коричневому пальто.
2. Мне кажется, вам не идет этот цвет.
3. Какого цвета шарф ты мне посоветуешь купить, чтобы он гармонировал с моим темно-синим пальто?
4. Этот цвет мне идет, но сидит это платье на мне очень плохо.
5. Меня не устраивает цена этих туфель.

Note: первое задание оцениваем на 7 баллов, 2 и 3 на 10.

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