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В задании 15 предложений  с подчёркнутыми словами, к которым нужно подобрать синонимы. Из четырёх предлагаемых вариантов ответа только один правильный. Таким образом максимальное количество баллов за квиз 15.

В трудных случаях, если Вы заведомо не знаете слово, соотнесите варианты ответов с контекстом, обращая внимание на значение словообразовательных суффиксов и префиксов. Метод исключения также приветствуется.


Choose the one word or phrase that best keeps the meaning of the original sentence

1. It is imperative that they arrive on time for the lecture.





2. The boundary between Canada and the United States has been unfortified for over one hundred years.





3. After listening to the testimony, the members of the jury delivered their verdict.





4. The Chinese worship their ancestors.





5. Under the major’s able leadership, the soldiers found safety.





6. A multitude of people attended the fund-raising presentation in the mall.





7. The people interviewed for the survey were randomly selected.





8. Exchanges of language and culture were a direct result of commerce.





9. The vast region was irrigated by the large river and its many tributaries.





10. Lyndon Johnson succeeded John Kennedy as president of the United States.





11. The speaker emphasized the need for cooperation in the project that we were about to undertake.





12. Marsha found it difficult to cope with the loss of her job.





13. His involuntary reflexes betrayed his feelings.





14. Our final assignment for the English class is to give an impromptu speech.





15. Penny’s impromptu speech given at the state competition won her the first prize.





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