Are you easily confused?

This time we suggest that you check up your knowledge of confusing words.

There are 20 sentences in the quiz and your choice is limited to two variants. The maximum score is 20 points.

After the test you will be able  to check yourself with the key as well as to get some explanatory notes on the usage of confusing words.

Are you ready? Off you go! And good luck of course.

1. The bank manager has agreed to borrow/lend me another $5,000.



2. My brother is very tall/high.



3. The cost of life/living increased by 80% last year.



4. Can you tell/say the difference between these two products?



5. Last week there was an outburst/outbreak of the bird flue.



6. Some employees have a long travel/journey to work every day.



7. Which measurement/measure should I take first – the width or the length of the room?



8. He is a real ache/pain in the neck.



9. We expected/waited our guests to come at 6 p.m.



10. First study/learn the manual and then use the computer.



11. I’ve got her business card, but I don’t memorize/recall meeting her at all.



12. I wonder if you could do/make me a favour.



13. I wanted to ask Bob a question, but he was wide/fast asleep.



14. Your choice of friends is most regretful/regrettable.



15. I have been sitting by myself/on my own.



16. Mary is a very strong/intense person who cares deeply about everything.



17. She is very credible/credulous and believes everyone.



18. The speaker or writer infers/implies something, and the listener or reader infers/implies it.



19. We have had to postpone/cancel our vacation until September.



20. The plane was put off/delayed by an hour due to a blizzard.



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