Some more confusing words

Synonyms, confusing words… You are not going to give up, are you? Because this is not the last quiz for you. We have 3 more quizes in reserve to make you feel either happy about your knowledge of difficult words or unsatisfied with it.

So, what do we have now? Again 20 sentences with two variants to choose between. The highest score is 20.

The second quiz on confusing words is a little bit more complicated than the first one, so be attentive in order not to make too many mistakes.

Ноwever, the keys and the explanatory notes are waiting for you at the end of the quiz.

Good luck!

Commonly confused words

1. His efforts to improve the school have been very effective/efficient.



2. A sensible/sensitive person has great sensibility/sensitivity and is quick to enjoy or suffer.



3. She is practical/practicable and buys only what she can afford.



4. He applied for a job/work as a personnel officer.



5. The food at my school is so bad it’s hardly eatable/edible.



6. Yesterday I received an officious/official letter concerning my income tax.



7. We expect prices to raise/rise by at least ten per cent next month.



8. We will only exchange your answering machine if you bring the receipt/recipe.



9. He is working on a science degree/title in chemistry.



10. By your masterful/masterly speech I can tell you are an expert on teaching students.



11. The next episode/serial of “Dallas” will be shown on BBC1 next Friday.



12. The temperature yesterday was about average/middle for the time of year.



13. Although someone had seen him take the watch, he still denied/refused it.



14. I asked two persons how to get to the post office, but none/neither of them knew.



15. When my teacher gave me my test paper back, she said I was on the right track/way.



16. Will the department’s policy be affected/effected by the appointment of a new chairwoman?



17. You would rather/had better be on time, or they will leave without you.



18. These machines are controlled/inspected at least once a day.



19. Amsterdam is a city of channels/canals.



20. Bach and Beethoven wrote classical/classic music.



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