Form 9 Unit 5 Lesson 2

Vocabulary to Lesson 2 Unit 5 Form 9 Weather

thunderstorm гроза (с громом и молнией)
overcast облака, тучи; сплошная облачность
drizzle мелкий дождь, изморось
sleet дождь со снегом; мокрый снег
shower непродолжительный ливень (syn. downpour, rainfall, downfall, hailstorm)
downpour неожиданный сильный ливень
hail град
sunny intervals прояснения/переменная облачность
light rain небольшой дождь
heavy rain сильный дождь
light snow небольшой снег
heavy snow сильный снег
hail shower выпадение града
frosty морозный
cloudy облачный
chilly прохладный, зябкий
stormy грозовой, штормовой
snowy снежный
foggy туманный
rainy дождливый
be full of beans быть радостным и полным энергии

Listening Track 18

Track 18


And here is the weather forecast for tomorrow for cities around the world. In Bangkok it will be cloudy for most of the day. However, there will be some showers in the afternoon and evening. And it’s going to be another hot day with a high of 36 degrees! Wow! So perhaps not the best day for jogging, but a good day for shopping inside—in air conditioning!


And for those of you going to Chicago, don’t forget to take your warm clothes because there’s going to be heavy snow overnight and strong winds during the day. I guess that’s why they call it the Windy City’. And it’s going to be a very cold day with a high temperature of only 2 degrees.


If you are lucky enough to be in Miami tomorrow, get ready for the beach. It’s going to be a fine clear day. There’ll be no rain and very little wind so it’ll be a great day to be outdoors. Don’t forget your sunscreen. Temperatures will reach 29 degrees.


In Beijing, it’s going to be a clear day, with lots of sunshine, so it will be a great chance to do some sightseeing for all you lucky tourists. But you will need to take some warm clothing because it’s going to be pretty cold, around 11 degrees for most of the day.


And finally, in London, you’ll need your umbrella tomorrow because there are going to be heavy showers throughout the day and strong winds as well. The high for the day will be around 15 degrees, so you’ll need your jackets as well.


City Weather Temperature Clothes Activities
Bangkok cloudy/some showers/hot +36 no joggingshopping inside
Chicago heavy snow/strong winds/cold +2 warm clothes
Maiami fine clear day/sunshine/no rain/very little wind +29 beach /outdoors
Beijing clear day/sunshine/pretty cold +11 warm clothes sightseeing
London heavy showers/strong winds +15 umbrella/jackets


Speak about the weather in different cities of the world. Use these sentences:

In_______ it will be______.

It’s going to be a ____________________ day. (what kind of)

There will be some  __________ in the afternoon/in the evening.

There’s going to be _____________________ overnight/during the day. (Sing)

There’re going to be _________________________ throughout the day. (Pl)

It will be a good day for_______________________. (what activity)

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