Synonyms 6

Последний тест из серии «Synonyms».
В основу данного и предыдущих тестов положены материалы учебного пособия по подготовке к TOEFL “TOEFL Preparation Guide”, fourth edition авторов Michael A. Pyle, Mary Ellen Mu?oz.
В тесте 15 вопросов, максимальный балл 15.
После прохождения теста Вы сможете проверить себя по ключу.

Choose the one word or phrase that best keeps the meaning of the original sentence

1. The house by the sea had a mysterious air of serenity about it.





2. A middle-aged woman of the tremendous girth sat down beside the other patients in the waiting-room.





3. The raccoon is a nocturnal animal.





4. Double agents live in a perpetual state of fear.





1. The students’ records were not readily accessible for their proposal.





6. An unsuccessful attempt was made to salvage the yacht and its  contents.





7. The coveted Oscar was won by the best performing actor.





8. The test site region encompassed a ten-square-mile area.





9. His replies were inconsistent with his previous testimony.





10. The art students were enthralled by the sheer beauty of the portrait which hung before them.





11. Mr. Jacob’s sole objective is to make his firm a Fortune 500 company.





12. The students were given complimentary passes for the new movie.





13. She discarded the cores after Nellie had baked the apple pie.





14. The daring rescue of those stranded on the mountaintop was truly a creditable deed.





15. The speaker was asked to condense his presentation in order to allow his audience to ask questions.





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