How to get through an interview. Сценарий урока в 11 классе

Урок в 11 клаcсе

Учитель Садовский Геннадий Антонович

 ГУО «Урицкая СШ» Гомельского района

Тема: «How to get through an interview»


1)  Способствовать закреплению и активизации лексического материала предыдущих уроков
2) Содействовать развитию грамматических навыков употребления условных предложений 2 типа и структур I recommend you to do/I recommend doing

Ход урока

Teacher: Good morning! How are you?

If you are fine we may start. The theme of our lesson is written on the blackboard but is given in an unusual way. Try to decipher it.

woН ot teg hguorht na weivretni?

That’s correct. The theme of our lesson is « How to get through an interview»

The aim of our lesson is the following. By the end of the lesson you will be able to answer these questions:

a) What should you know to get through an interview?
b) What kind of people does the company need?

So, let’s begin. (The telephone rings). Sorry, I’ve got a very important call. (Leaves the classroom, appears wearing sunglasses.)

Hello, everyone! Let me introduce myself. I’m George Brown, I’m 72. I’m from Great Britain and I’m an executive manager of the company “Travel Around the World”. The aim of our company is to give a chance to everybody to visit any country. We came into existence in 1961 and have offices in all European countries. Unfortunately, we don’t have such offices in the republics of the former USSR. And we came to a conclusion to start this business in your republic. We’ve got two applications from Belarus and you are the 2nd place we are visiting. And today I want to conduct this interview. I hope your team will cope with this interview and will be able to work for our company. Good luck!

I. People working for our company should know at least this minimum of English words.

Translate from Russian into English:

(active words Unit 4 p 354 Student’s book form 11)

II. People working for our company should understand their partners from half a sentence.

Complete the sentences:

— If I found $1000…
— If a nice girl gave me a kiss….
— If a handsome boy presented me with flowers….
— If my friend deceived me…
— If I visited London…
— If it were summer…
— I wish…
— If he had been ill…
— If I had had a chance…
— If I had suggested going to the cinema…

III. People working for our company should know how to make a suggestion or a recommendation.

Complete the sentences

I recommend you (to go)…
I recommend (going)…

IV. People working for our company should have a good ear. Listen to the recording which was made during our flight to Belarus.

(«Learning to Listen» Karnevskaya, Pavlovich 1997 Unit 2 pp 8-9)

Do the test.

V. People working for our company should be polite but very persistent. Can you show your politeness and persistence?


—  You coffee, madam, please.
—  Thank you.
—  By the way coffee here is free of charge but tips are available ple-e-e-ease. (pulling his hand forward)

(prepared at home by the students)

People working for our company should know how to make money. I’ll give you $10. Can you earn $100?

— Hello, babe. I’ll give you $10 and you kiss me.
— I’ll give you $20 if you leave me alone.
— I’ll give you $30 if you go to Miami beach with me.
— I’ll give you $100 if you go to the North Pole alone!
— Oh, thank you.

(prepared at home by the students)

VI. Now the main part of our interview – your essays. What do you know about Great Britain?

Students’ essays (prepared and typed at home)

VII. Now some personal questions.

— Do you smoke? OK. You should smoke at home.
— Do you drink alcohol? You should drink at home.
— Do you use drugs? (presumable answer – at home — nowhere)

(The telephone rings) Sorry. I must leave you at once. It’s urgent. You’ll know the results of the interview in a week. Bye. (Leaves the room. The teacher appears)

VIII. So, to make the lesson complete answer the questions:

1) What should you know to get through the interview?
2) What kind of people does the company need?

Key words on the blackboard

English words


IX. Our lesson has come to an end.

Did you like the lesson? What was most difficult/easy/interesting for you?
Now your marks (comments).

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