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Vocabulary to Text 2


(Материалы для подготовки к обязательному выпускному экзамену по английскому языку, стр 8)

Word, expression Translation/definition Examples
no doubt без сомнения
days are numbered дни  сочтены
in mind in thoughts
tablet планшет Tablet PC — a small computer that is easy to carry, with a large touch screen and sometimes without a physical keyboard
purpose цель, намерение
initially с самого начала, вначале; первоначально; на ранней стадии
digital цифровой
UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization a part of the UN, based in Paris, which is concerned especially with providing help for poorer countries with education and science
sight problems проблемы со зрением
voice (v) произносить (слова)
additional option дополнительный выбор
a good use хорошее применение/использование
be useful the book was very useful to me — книга очень мне помогла /пригодилась
software программные средства, программное обеспечение
as regards (to) что касается; в отношении
on low incomes A person’s or organization’s income is the money that they earn or receive, as opposed to the money that they have to spend or pay out. Many families on low incomes will be unable to afford to buy their own home…
moreover кроме того, более того syn. also, as well, besides, in addition, what is more
it seems likely it is quite likely весьма вероятно
profit польза, выгода
higher educational establishments высшие учебные заведения
device устройство, приспособление
expensive not cheap, cost a lot of money The brand new car was very expensive, it cost $100 000.

What is the text about?

The text runs about the last days of the classical paper textbooks. They are going to be substituted by E-books soon. The Education Ministry is conducting an experiment to see how electronic tablet devices can be used for educational purposes. It is possible that in some years schoolchildren will use digital copies of ordinary school textbooks.

4. The project is expected to be successful because: first, technically and intellectually schoolchildren are ready to work with multimedia textbooks. Second, the project won’t cost much as only families of low incomes will need computers bought for them. Third, the project is thought to fully cover its costs in the first year of operation.

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