Giving Directions Form 5

Watch this nice video and learn how to ask for and give directions.
How much did you understand?
Are there any words or expressions that you’ve already learnt in class?
Write them down to share with your classmates.

[youtube -SU_DYxI8SU]

— Excuse me!
— Yes. How can I help?
— Sorry, can you tell me the way to Waterloo station? I think I’m lost.
— I think you might be, yeah. You’re actually here, right in the middle of Hyde Park.
— Oh, dear…
— There’s no problem at all. All you need to do is continue straight on through St. James’ Park. And then, when you get to the Houses of Parliament, turn left. Then go across the bridge and then it’s first right and you’re there, that’s Waterloo Station.
— Great. OK. So, through Hyde Park and then right at the Houses of Parliament?
— No, no, no. LEFT at the Houses of Parliament!
— Right! (=OK). Left at the Houses of Parliament. Ehm… Cross the bridge… and then to the right.
— First on the right. And that’s Waterloo Station!
— Fantastic! Thank you very much.
— No problem. You’re welcome.
— Bye.

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