Form 5. Farm animals, their kids and homes

Watch the video and remember the names of animal kids and their homes. Watch the video as many times as you need to remember the things properly.

Now, can you say what these words mean?

a calf телёнок
a barn сарай
a pond пруд
a duckling утёнок
a poult индюшонок
a chick цыплёнок
a gosling гусёнок
a lamb ягнёнок
a pen (a sheep pen) загон
a burrow нора
a piglet поросёнок
a pigsty свинарник
a foal жеребёнок; ослёнок
a stable конюшня, стойло
a kennel конура
a hive улей
a larva личинка, гусеница
a desert пустыня
a coop курятник
a kit крольчонок
a kid козлёнок

If you are not sure, practise the words with EasyNotecards and then try the test again. I hope you’ll cope with it.

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