Dest B1 Unit 9 Vocabulary to Practise

Additional vocabulary practice to Unit 9 Destination B1. Revise the topical vocabulary before doing the exercise.

Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps with one of the three given words to make the sentences complete. Change the forms of the words where necessary.


abroad* accommodation* book

  1. The price for the holiday includes flights and ***.
  2. To get tickets, you have to *** in advance.
  3. I would love to go *** this year, perhaps to the South of France.

cancel* catch* crash (2)

  1. The plane *** into a mountain.
  2. We were in plenty of time for Anthony to *** the ferry…
  3. Our flight was ***.
  4. His elder son was killed in a car *** a few years ago.

coach* break* vehicle

  1. It is time for a complete *** with the past.
  2. As we headed back to Calais, the *** was badly delayed by roadworks…
  3. This road is closed to motor ***.

crowded* convenient* foreign

  1. Is three o’clock *** for you?
  2. The train was very ***, and we had to stand.
  3. She was on her first *** holiday without her parents.

delay* destination* trip

  1. Mark was sent to the Far East on a business ***.
  2. Sorry for the ***, Mr Weaver.
  3. Maui is a popular tourist ***.

ferry* cruise* harbour

  1. They had recrossed the River Gambia by ***.
  2. Our hotel room overlooked a pretty little fishing ***.
  3. He and his wife were planning to go on a world ***…

flight* journey* luggage

  1. Before setting off on a ***, look at maps and guidebooks.
  2. Each passenger was allowed two 30-kg pieces of ***.
  3. The *** will take four hours.

nearby(2)* pack* passport

  1. Most of the holidaymakers had *** up and gone.
  2. You should take your *** with you when changing money.
  3. Dan found work on one of the farms ***.
  4. At a *** table a man was complaining in a loud voice…

platform* public transport* reach

  1. Most transport investment has gone on road construction and not on ***.
  2. He *** Cambridge shortly before three o’clock.
  3. The Edinburgh train will depart from *** six.

resort* souvenir* traffic

  1. The *** going into London was very heavy.
  2. There are plans to turn the town into a tourist ***.
  3. I bought a model of the Eiffel Tower as a *** of Paris.

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