Dest B1 Unit 12 Vocabulary to Practise

Additional vocabulary practice to Unit 12 Destination B1. Revise the topical vocabulary before doing the exercise.

Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps with one of the three given words to make the sentences complete. 


introduce* recognize*  apologize

  1. I  must *** for my son’s behaviour — he isn’t usually this moody.
  2. Let me *** myself.
  3. I didn’t *** you in your uniform.

divorced* decorate* defend

  1. The room is tidy, a few pictures *** the walls.
  2. Thousands of young men came forward, willing to *** their country.
  3. My parents *** when I was very young…

loving* independent* loyal

  1. It was always very important to me to be financially ***.
  2. Jim was a most *** husband and father…
  3. He’d always been such a *** friend to us all.

guests* neighbourhood* girlfriend

  1. She grew up in a quiet *** of Boston.
  2. Now at 16 Steven has a steady *** of 15, who he has been going out with for several months.
  3. The *** were invited to a dinner at his country house.

close* confident* ordinary

  1. The book is about *** people.
  2. My brother and I are very ***.
  3. After living in France for a year, I felt much more *** about my French.

patient* grateful* private

  1. He was endlessly kind and *** with children.
  2. After his death the author’s family released many of his *** papers.
  3. Dr Shah has received hundreds of letters from *** patients.

trust* stranger* single

  1. Do not give your camera to a passing stranger and ask him to take a picture of you.
  2. Chris is 45 and still ***.
  3. She had betrayed her parents’ ***.

mood* flat* boyfriend

  1. My *** and I have only been dating for a couple of months.
  2. I don’t want to talk about it now. I’m not in the ***.
  3. Sara lives with her husband and children in a *** in central London…

perfect* cool* generous

  1. Kathleen gave me a really *** dress.
  2. Emily and John seemed a *** couple.
  3. Her colleagues presented her with a *** gift when she retired.

relations* respect* rent

  1. All our friends and *** came to our wedding.
  2. She worked to pay the *** while I went to college…
  3. My *** for my teacher grew as the months passed.

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