Разбор заданий А8 – А16 части A 2 варианта 3 этапа РТ 2012/2013

Разбор заданий  А8 – А16  части A 2 варианта 3 этапа РТ 2012/2013

Прочитайте текст. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа.

«A healthy mind lives in a healthy body” is a saying that is believed to have often been used by the ancient Greeks. Thousands of years later, the same idea still applies. According to (A8) … health experts, it’s advisable to drink eight to ten glasses of water every day. However, water itself is not enough; (A9) … balanced diet is essential, too. A healthy body naturally is the result of doing exercise. Many people, however, do not like gyms and object (A10) … going there (A11) … different reasons. Some, for instance, say that aerobic sessions are too difficult to follow while (A12) … others claim that gyms are just too expensive. Many people also claim that they have difficulty (A13) … finding time to exercise due to their hectic lifestyle. Regardless of the way people choose to exercise, it is important to remember that there’s no point in doing it only (A14) … a short period of time. Last but not (A15) … least, having a positive attitude and doing away with negative thoughts contributes to one’s well-being. (A16) … short, following this simple advice surely helps in having a healthy mind and body.

A8.   1) a 2) an 3) the 4) —
A9.   1) a 2) an 3) the 4) —
A10. 1) for 2) on 3) to 4) with
A11. 1) for 2) on 3) with 4) by
A12. 1) a 2) an 3) the 4) —
A13. 1) in 2) about 3) for 4) at
A14. 1) of 2) for 3) on 4) while
A15. 1) a 2) an 3) the 4) —
A16. 1) At 2) In 3) On 4) To

Задание, в принципе, не сложное, за исключением, возможно, А15, где нужно было знать наверняка устойчивое выражение last but not least. Тем не менее, нужно было вспомнить  изученные глаголы и выражения с предлогами.




A8. _health experts эксперты в области здоровья Tests should be administered by a medical expert.
множественное число, в общем смысле, упоминается в тексте впервые Industry experts expect house prices to rise.
A9. a balanced diet существительное diet (count/uncount) имеет при себе определительное прилагательное, употребляется в значении «пищевой режим» как исчисляемое She doesn’t eat a very healthy diet.
It is important to have a balanced diet.
A10. object to (doing) something возражать, протестовать; противиться (чему-л.) употребляется с последующим существительным (местоимением) или герундием I don’t object to a cup of coffee.
Do you object to smoking?
A11. reason for причина, мотив, основание, соображение для чего-то People give different reasons for wanting to change jobs.
The reason for something is a fact or situation which explains why it happens or what causes it to happen.
Do not say ‘the reason of’ something. Say the reason for something.
A12. some … others одни … другие  (прочие) Some people are at greater risk than others.
Others means the same as other people. His humour depended on contempt for others.
Употребляется в значении  «другие» – used to refer to a different person or thing from the one you have already mentioned or the one that is already known about.
A13.  have/experience difficulty (in) doing something Do not say that someone ‘has difficulty to do something’. Say that someone has difficulty doing something or has difficulty in doing something. They had great difficulty in finding a replacement.
A14. for a short period of time употребляется для обозначения короткого периода времени (антоним слова long) I lived in Tokyo for a short time.
If something is short or lasts for a short time, it does not last very long.
A15. last but not least устойчивое выражение, которое следует запомнить …her four sons, Christopher, twins Daniel and Nicholas, and last but not least 2-year-old Jack.
You use last but not least to say that the last person or thing to be mentioned is as important as all the others.
A16. in short вкратце, короче говоря, одним cловом Try tennis, badminton or windsurfing. In short, anything challenging…
You use in short when you have been giving a lot of details and you want to give a conclusion or summary.

Keys to Variant 2 Stage 3 2012/2013

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