Dest B1 Unit 3 Prepositional Phrases and Word Patterns

Additional practice material to Unit 3 Destination B1 (p.12).

First learn the phrases.

Remember the meaning of the phrases (EN_RU, RU_EN)


Then do the exercise.

  1. Scientists have (долго) thought this just was never going to be possible.
  2. We invent (для удовольствия) — invention is a lot of fun to do — and we also invent for profit.
  3. I woke up (посреди) the night with the sound of heavy explosion.
  4. That means each of you will contain (на CD ) your entire gene code.
  5. We arrived (вовремя) for the start of the match.
  6. I went (на сцену) and did my show.
  7. I am getting very (скучно oт) this entire business.
  8. He’s still (помешан на) both his work and his hobbies…
  9. He’s very (способный к) music.
  10. She’s always been (интересовался) other people.
  11. Sally’s quite (увлечён) the idea.
  12. This area is immensely (популярна среди) tourists.
  13. He refused (слушать) her explanation.
  14. Bill refused (принимать участие в) the game.
  15. Carol (не хочет *смотреть) a movie tonight.
  16. Gambotti was injured in last Saturday’s (игре с) the Lions.
  17. I am a great (поклонник) rave music.
  18. I’ve just started reading (книгу) Graham Greene.
  19. I’m reading (книгу о) a little girl who was a slave in 19th century Atlanta.

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