Dest B1 Unit 6 Prepositional Phrases and Word Patterns

Additional practice material on prepositional phrases and word patters to p.24 Destination B1 Learning and Doing.

Remember the usage of prepositions Task 1 p. 24 Destination B1
Remember the meaning of phrases and word patterns Task 2 с английского на русский
Task 3 с русского на английский

Exercise 1. Fill in the missing prepositions.

  1. He learned the speech — heart.
  2. Lack of insurance is a problem for a lot of older people, like my grandmother, — instance.
  3. — conclusion, I would like to thank our guest speaker.
  4. They know each other; — fact, they’re close friends.
  5. I am all — favour — trying to find ways to save money.
  6. — general, men are taller than women.
  7. I don’t think he’s capable — murder.
  8. He is also very talented — languages.
  9. Kids have always found ways of cheating — school exams.
  10. I can’t see how anyone could confuse you — another!
  11. He was permitted to continue — his work while in prison.
  12. She feared she wouldn’t be able to cope — two new babies.
  13. Now that I’m working, the kids need to give me more help — the housework.
  14. I don’t know anything — this.
  15. Few people learn — politics through direct experience.
  16. Very few people succeed — losing weight and keeping it off.
  17. Do you have any opinion — what food we should buy?
  18. What’s your opinion — Cathy?

 Exercise 2. Translate the words in brackets. Remember:  more than one word is to be used.

  1. My father can still recite the poems he learned off  (наизусть) at school.
  2. In the electronics industry, (например), 5000 jobs are being lost.
  3. (В заключение), I would like to thank you for inviting me to speak tonight.
  4. He looks younger, but he is (в действительности) almost 60 years old.
  5. Manchester was rejected (в пользу) Liverpool as the site for the new stadium.
  6. I’m perfectly (способен) looking after myself, thank you!
  7. He had (обманывал) the test by using a calculator.
  8. (В общем), I like the way things have gone.
  9. I always (путаю) you ___your sister – you look so alike.
  10. My teacher advised me (продолжить) my studies.
  11. Local authorities have to (справиться) the problems of homelessness.
  12. Do you want any (помощь) the washing up?
  13. Do you (разбираешься) computers?
  14. As students we wanted to (узнать) Mandela and how the land was taken from black farmers.
  15. I have (удалось) persuading him.
  16.  A lot of people doubted that I could (преуспеть) business for myself.
  17. People didn’t usually ask his (мнение) anything.
  18. She has rather a low (мнение) young people.

General Revision of Units 3-6

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