Dest B1 Unit 9 Prepositional Phrases and Word Patterns

Additional practice material on prepositional phrases and word patters to p.36 Destination B1 Coming and Going.

Learn prepositional phrases and word patterns Task 1
Remember their meaning Task 2 En_Ru
Task 3 Ru_En

Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps with necessary prepositions.

  1. We rang Duncan to ask where he was going ___ holiday…
  2. The flowers are sent all over the country ___ air.
  3. Most of his belongings will be transported ___ sea.
  4. There are 12 children ___ board the ship.
  5. Are you going ___ bicycle or ___ foot?
  6. The majority of holiday flights depart and arrive ___ schedule.
  7. A power station, which can operate on coal or oil, is being built ___ the coast near Hadera.
  8. Susan sat on a chair close ___ the window.
  9. Marie Curie is famous ___ her contribution to science.
  10. The children don’t go far ___ home.
  11. You’ll be late ___ your flight if you don’t hurry up.
  12. The resort is particularly suitable ___ families.
  13. We are due to arrive ___ Rome at ten o’clock.
  14. Some people find it difficult to ask ___ help.
  15. The men all turned to look ___ her as she entered the room.
  16. At this time of year, most animals are preparing ___ winter.
  17. We were waiting ____ the bus for half an hour.

Exercise 2. Translate the words in brackets.

  1. We met (во время отпуска) in Cyprus.
  2. I always go to work (на машине).
  3. A customs officer came (на борт) the ship.
  4. The bus didn’t come, so we started out (пешком).
  5. The bus arrived (по расписанию). [=on time; arrived at the time it was expected]
  6. We had a nice day (на побережье).
  7. I don’t mind where we go on vacation as long as it’s (близко от) a beach.
  8. Manchester is (знаменит) its nightlife and for its football teams.
  9. They were simple people who didn’t go (далеко от) Cornwall.
  10. The bridegroom was (опоздал на) the ceremony.
  11. The programme is perfectly (подходящая для ) children of all ages.
  12. What time does the plane (прибывает в) New York?
  13. I decided to go to the next house and (попросить) food…
  14. She stopped the car (посмотреть на) the map.
  15. The government was not in a position (обеспечить их )  food.
  16. We don’t have much more time (подготовиться к) their arrival.
  17. I’m still (жду) my results.

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