Dest B1 Unit 12 Prepositional Phrases and Word Patterns

by yourself alone or without help from anyone else
in common with in the same way as someone or something else
in contact with if you are in contact with someone, you regularly meet them or communicate with them
in love with влюблённый (в кого-л.)
on purpose intentionally; намеренно умышленно
on your own without being helped by anyone or anything/ alone
to be fond of любить кого-л., что-л.
be jealous of pевновать, завидовать
to be kind to smb а) хорошо относиться к кому-л., хорошо обращаться с кем-л.; б) быть добрым /любезным/ с кем-л
be married to быть женатым на/быть замужем за
be proud of гордиться
to admire smb. for восхищаться кем-л. за что-либо
apologise to sb for извиняться перед кем-то за что-то
to argue with smb. about smth спорить с кем-л. о чём-л
care about заботиться (о ком-л., о чём-л.)
сhat to smb about непринуждённо разговаривать с кем-либо о чём-либо
аn argument with smb about спор с кем-либо о чём-либо
relationship with отношения с кем-л

Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps with necessary prepositions.

  1. You shouldn’t lift that heavy box (all) ___ yourself. Let me help you.
  2. The oboe and the clarinet have got certain features ___ common…
  3. He’s been ___ contact with his lawyer about the situation.
  4. I fell ___ love with him because of his kind nature…
  5. Was it an accident or did David do it ___ purpose?
  6. No one had to tell me; I found out ___ my own.
  7. She was especially fond ___ a little girl named Betsy.
  8. She was jealous ___ his wealth…
  9. They’ve been very kind ___ me.
  10. She is married ___ an Englishman.
  11. Her parents are very proud ___ her.
  12. All those who knew him will admire him ___ his work.
  13. I apologize ____ losing my temper.
  14. He was arguing ___ the King ___ the need to maintain the cavalry at full strength…
  15. The only thing he seems to care ___ is money.
  16. They may sit down at a table to chat ___ a friend.
  17. The children had an argument ___ what game to play.
  18. I have quite a good relationship ___ my parents.

Exercise 2. Translate the words in brackets.

  1. You can’t go home (один) in the dark.
  2. He had very little (общего c)  his sister.
  3. Where can I get (связаться c) you while you are away?
  4. Karen was (влюбилась в) a man who was much older than her.
  5. They think the fire was started (намеренно).
  6. He’s still too weak to stand (самостоятельно).
  7. They can’t survive (без посторонней помощи) in the wilderness.
  8. She is (любит) collecting rare carpets.
  9. Sharon had always been (завидовала) her sister’s long blonde hair.
  10. They were very (добры к) us and let us stay in their house as long as we liked.
  11. Nicole is (замужем за) my brother.
  12. Your family must be very (гордиться) you.
  13. She (восхищалась им за) the way he dealt with the situation.
  14. I must (извиниться перед…за) Isobel my lateness.
  15. They were (спорили о) how to spend the money.
  16. I’m very lucky to have a husband, family and friends who (беспокоятся о) me.
  17. To take Fodor’s nice example, imagine that you are (разговариваешь с) an old friend.
  18. We had (спор о) what we should buy.
  19. Laura had a very close (отношения с) her grandmother.

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